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January 2009

Flickorama____Flash-based Flickr Mashup__ Impressive Pixel

Taras Novak has created a Flash-based Flickr mashup he calls Flickorama that could be the basis for a lot of new, high-quality Flickr experiences. Flickorama has a number of things going for it: * an expressive, coherent visual design; * an appreciation for the fact that juxtaposition of photographs can lead to insight; * a full-screen mode that turns the application into an interactive lightbox; * several built-in ways to visually organize image sets. You start with Flickorama by entering in a search term; here are results for Yosemite, a Flickrological favorite and a reliable source of beautiful images. Once you have results back, you can use the arrangement toolbar to organize the images on the canvas

Impressive Pixel » Page Inlink Analyzer: Look at the Pages that Link to Your Site and Their Relative “Link Value”

The Page Inlink Analyzer provides a first stab at that interface. It gives you the top 35 or so pages for a site on the left, and for each inbound link you get a report of how many inbound links that page has (for the page itself and for its top-level domain) and how many times the page has been bookmarked in Delicous.

15 Tools for Monitoring a Website’s Popularity - Six Revisions

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To help you make design and development decisions. Knowing what websites work and which ones tank can give you insights and inspiration on what design elements, website features, and website content is effective. 1. Yahoo! Site Explorer__2. Compete__3. Quantcast__ 1. Yahoo! Site Explorer 2. Compete__4. Alexa__5. Feed Compare__6. popuri.us__7. socialmeter__ 8. TweetVolume__9. Quarkbase__10. BlogPulse Profiles__11. Technorati Blogging Central 12. Statbrain.com__13. Cubestat____14. dnScoop__15. WebsiteOutlook To help you in your analysis, here are 15 top-notch, free, and simple web tools to help you learn more about a particular website.

#[WEB2.0] DELICIOUS __ How to Build a Social Web Apps__By the guy who made delicious.

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These are the most amazingly concise notes I’ve seen of social web app best practices by the guy who made delicious.

August 2008

Google Reader__Alternative (réussie) à Netvibes___Shared Items sur Google Reader

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Mieux qu' IGoogle et sa page d'accueil personnalisable (comme Netvibes ), Google Reader iest une extension qui permet de regrouper ses flux RSS habituels. L'avantage sérieux de Google Reader, par rapport à Netvibes, c'est qu'on peut regrouper ses flux RSS par dossiers, «marquer» ou «taguer»certains billets unitairement (certains «posts») et ainsi retrouver plus facilement une info plus tard. De quoi tirer la pelote des fils RSS sans s'emmêler ! Autre innovation prometteuse, on peut marquer certains billets pour les faire partager à ses connaissances (ce sont les Shared Items). Un «widget» permet d'ouvrir une petite fenêtre sur ses flux de Google Reader, directement depuis sa page d'accueil de iGoogle, la boucle est bouclée. Enfin, il existe même une extension pour Firefox («LE» navigateur gratuit et libre qui a remplacé Internet Explorer) qui affiche, dans la barre d'état, le nombre de billets RSS non lus nouvellement apparus dans votre Google Reader (et y'a plus qu'à cliquer).

Blow Up - See your Flickr photosets in a great-looking, fullscreen display___A Bond Art + Science Fair Project

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# See your Flickr photosets in a great-looking, fullscreen display. # Deeplink to the exact sets or photos you want. # Downloadable to run on your own site or blog. # Customizable interface and color palette. # Lightning fast - Blow Up is under 50 kilobytes.