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OutWit Images - Allows users to quickly navigate through Web pages and search engine results to harvest countless images automatically or manually. : Add-ons for Firefox

Add-on compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. OutWit Images distinguishes itself by allowing users to easily save the pictures onto their hard disk while they browse through the results. Grab images with a simple drag and drop, or by setting size or format criteria : if high-resolution pictures can be found behind the thumbnails, the program will extract them automatically. Its sleek, easy-to-use interface displays the thumbnails on a black background and allows to smoothly scroll through quantities of images, making the search efficient and easy. Very good extension for downloading images from the web. Used to like cooliris, but the autocatch feature on this makes it the better image tool.

Coupe Fédérale de Distance - C.F.D. - PARAPENTE - FFVL.FR

Liste/Recits de vols * Les derniers vols * Liste de tous les vols * Sélectionner les vols à visualiser * Liste des récits de vols (carNet) * Ajouter un récit à un vol (avec photos !) * Ajouter une trace GPS à un vol

PI Free PC - visualisation d'un PC sous Windows FreeBox

Permet d'avoir très facilement l'image et le son de son PC sur la télé. Voici les avantages :possibilité de voir sur sa télé n'importe quel streaming tournant sur le PC!! : pratique avec l'arrêt de community VOD et puis c'est la fin de la galère pour essayer de trouver désespérément les flux video. A moi l'écoute des mes playlists deezer et jiwa.


The Glocal Project____An immense, collaborative and multifaceted digital art project

Glocal (global + local) is an immense, collaborative and multifaceted digital art project that examines the making, sharing and exhibiting of images in the 21st century. Working out of the Surrey Art Gallery’s TechLab, the artists behind Glocal pose questions about the nature of photography at this point in our history: What is a photograph? What is a camera? What is a photographer?

30+ Mind Mapping Tools___Mashable__Une belle source d’outils de mindmapping en ligne, qu’ils soient gratuits ou payants.

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Toujours à propos du Mindmapping et des cartes mentales, je dois vous faire part de cet article de Mashable : 30+ Mind Mapping Tools.

8 outils pour visionner et rechercher des photos en ligne

Au bout d’un moment, visionner ses photos alignées les unes à coté des autres peu devenir lassant. Heureusement, il existe de nombreux outils qui permettent d’égayer vos photos de vacances ou de rendre une recherche plus agréable.

Compfight___Permet de faire une recherche de photos sur Flickr et n’affichant que les images.

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Permet de faire une recherche de photos sur Flickr et n’affichant que les images. Ni texte, ni nom d’auteur ou autre. La seule information disponible est la taille de la photo en passant la souris dessus.

Interestingness___Créé dynamiquement un mur de 500 photos provenant de Flickr

Ce site créé dynamiquement un mur de 500 photos provenant de Flickr. Ca parait sans intérêt et pourtant, allez y faire un tour et vous comprendrez.

Destroy Today / DestroyFlickr

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DestroyFlickr explores alternative methods for viewing and sharing Flickr content. Its user interface provides an environment that benefits photos rather than hindering them. With the ability to look at a photo on a dark, neutral background, you can view it without the interference of a brighter surrounding. By using workspaces and canvases, DestroyFlickr is able to retain a constant history of where you have navigated, offering the ability to revisit an area without the need to reload the entire page. DestroyFlickr takes advantage of features provided by the Adobe AIR SDK that are unavailable to web-based RIAs. With the support of both drag and drop uploading and downloading, posting and saving photos is done in one easy motion. Now you can download the highest resolution version of a photo without having to see it first—just drag a thumbnail to the download menu and the download begins.

Flickr Tool "DestroyFlickr" on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

today is "Flickr Tool" Day... i found this great looking and usefull Flickr Tool "DestroyFlickr" Is an Adobe Air Base Software Tool and looks really good... But only for Upload Photos, i find the Mac Tool "1001" is the better one... Go on a test it !!!.

Venkman's JavaScript Debugger - Provides a way to watch local variables

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The way to debug JavaScript web applications. The Venkman JavaScript Debugger is similar to the Codetch Editor in the sense that its an IDE in itself. The extension provides a way to watch local variables, move through the JavaScript source, set breakpoints, and step through each line of code. An excellent tool for web developers of JavaScript.

LiveHTTPheaders extension____View all headers sent to and from the browser.

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The LiveHTTPheaders extension lets you view all headers sent to and from the browser. You can view a web page's header with the Web Developer Toolbar, but the LiveHTTPheaders has additional functionality. he goal of this project is to adds information about the HTTP headers in two ways: * First by adding a 'Headers' tab in 'View Page Info' of a web page. * Second by adding a tool in the 'Tools->Web Development' menu to be able to display http headers in real time (while pages are being downloaded from the Internet. * Third by letting you edit request headers and replay an URL (beta). Look for the Replay button in the live window! This project may be of some help for the following: * Help debugging web application. * See which kind of web server the remote site is using. * See the cookies sent by remote site.

16 Awesome Data Visualization Tools

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From navigating the Web in entirely new ways to seeing where in the world twitters are coming from, data visualization tools are changing the way we view content. We found the following 16 apps both visually stunning and delightfully useful.


Flickrfox codestream » flickrfox

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Flickrfox (Firefox Extension)Flickrfox Flickr dans la barre de tache de Firefox et sidebar. Flickrfox lets you browse flickr photostreams in a sidebar in firefox. It makes managing groups, searching tags, and keeping up with your contacts easy, and it’s a fun way to explore flickr.