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SML Wiki: Interestingness(note: work in progress)

Interestingness is a media (images, videos, etc) ranking algorithm to provide as an additional metric for search results. The algorithm is based upon an algorithm created by the Flickr team, and is further enhanced by metadata knowledge resulted from the development. The algorithm was first unveiled publicly on Flickr on 2005-08-01.1 SML.SML: Interestingness = f(views, faves, comments, tags, time, user, network relationships); The ranking is based on one or more of the following factors: * the quantity of user-entered metadata2 (i.e. tags) * the number of users who have assigned metadata3 * the number of favorites assigned to the photo4 * relationship between the person who uploaded the photo and the people who are commenting5 * access patterns related to the media object6 (i.e. where the clickthroughs are coming from; who comments on it and when)7 * a lapse of time related to the media object8 (i.e. velocity of metadata acquisition)


Flickr: Discussing Real-time Flickr analytics of any photo page in Flickr Hacks with

By inserting the non-JS version of the widget into the comment area of your photo page, you can basically be monitoring the live visitor traffic on that photo. The tool's ability to display geographical data about the visitors makes it a great supplement to the Flickr Stats which does not disclose visitors' location. I have only placed this on my top-viewed assets since today so I can't really comment any further about its effectiveness - though I must say that I do find it interesting that while my main sites and blogs receive mostly U.S. traffic, it appears that visitors to my media assets on Flickr are fairly diverse. If that's really the case (and only time will time after I have collected enough data), it will provide a really strong case for marketing... which in turn will explain why what all those yahoo ad servers requests may really be about... (of course that's just a hunch) - but in any case, it's an interesting site to check out.


FirefoxView Mozilla Firefox Extension

affiche la page courante dans Firefox depuis IE.

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