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CREATION - ONline - Remixito - Détournement, Parodie, Générateur d'images et Sous-titres de vidéos

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1 - Choisi ta vidéo ou ton image à détourner: Jette un oeil sur les nombreuses vidéos et images proposés par les internautes, à toi de choisir celle que tu souhaites remixer. 2 - Réfléchis un peu et choisis les bons mots: Là on peut rien pour toi ... C'est la où on voit la différence entre les bons remixiteurs et les mauvais remixiteurs. 3 - Deviens ensuite un créateur célèbre: Envoie ton remix à tes potes et publie le sur ton blog, Facebook ou ton joli Skyblog

IMAGE / CSS / ICON etc ....- - Free Stock Images & Videos ~

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Pour tous ceux qui aiment fouiller, des milliers de ressources photos, sons, vidéos classées par thématique. Vérifier les informations concernant les utilisations commerciales en fonction des copyrights.


FACE RECOGNITION - OpenFace project

Overview: The following overview shows the workflow for a single input image of Sylvestor Stallone from the publicly available LFW dataset. Detect faces with a pre-trained models from dlib or OpenCV. Transform the face for the neural network. This repository uses dlib's real-time pose estimation with OpenCV's affine transformation to try to make the eyes and bottom lip appear in the same location on each image. Use a deep neural network to represent (or embed) the face on a 128-dimensional unit hypersphere. The embedding is a generic representation for anybody's face. Unlike other face representations, this embedding has the nice property that a larger distance between two face embeddings means that the faces are likely not of the same person. This property makes clustering, similarity detection, and classification tasks easier than other face recognition techniques where the Euclidean distance between features is not meaningful. Apply your favorite clustering or classification techniques to the features to complete your recognition task. See below for our examples for classification and similarity detection, including an online web demo.

CSS - Conserver le ratio 16/9 des images fullscreen et vidéos - Alsacreations

Le but est ici de faire en sorte que l'image de fond que l'on aura placée en CSS conserve son ratio de 16/9 et prenne toute la taille du navigateur, quelle que soit la taille de ce dernier (aka fullscreen). Pratique quand on fait du responsive. Voici le code utilisé : .ratio { background: url("monimage.jpg") no-repeat; background-size: cover; width: 100vw; height: 56.25vw; } Concrètement ce que l'on fait : on donne à l'image la largeur du navigateur grâce à l'unite vw (viewport-width) on lui donne la hauteur à laquelle on a appliqué un ratio 16:9 calculé en faisant 100 * 9 / 16 de la largeur du navigateur

GIF -FREE APP - ScreenToGif: Screencast GIF Making Tool With Powerful Editor [Windows]

ScreenToGif is a free executable utility that records a screencast and saves it as GIF. Unlike Recordit, it doesn’t convert from an video format to a GIF, instead you record a GIF. You select the frame rate and the recording area, and when you click record, it starts to capture the GIF. You can manage the playback rate, and choose to loop it and if that isn’t enough, the app also lets you add text to your GIF, insert title or image frames, and edit each individual frame. It is about as complete as a GIF making app gets and it’s fast. As a GIF maker, ScreenToGif is suited for quick feature demos; it can capture the mouse cursor when recording the GIF and also show mouse clicks. Launch the app and resize the window so that the area you want to record fits inside it. You can set a custom frame size down to the pixel using the tools at the bottom of the window. In the box next to the stopwatch, you set the frame rate. The higher the frame rate, the better the quality of the GIF. Click Record when you’re ready.

SCROLL - Responsive YouTube Player with Scrolling Thumbnail Playlist - Wooster Web Design

Responsive YouTube Player with Scrolling Thumbnail Playlist In this post we will work with an embedded YouTube video player using YouTube’s iframe embed code. Below the iframe we’ll add a horizontal playlist that includes a thumbnail image and title for each video. The playlist will scroll or slide left and right on click or tap. The player we are building in this is based on the MyList Video Player, but instead of automatically populating with a YouTube playlist, we are manually building our own playlist of selected YouTube videos.


ART - GIFs - GOOD séries - IWDRM (capturing the feeling)

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Blogs like If We Don’t, Remember Me and Tech Noir prove just what’s possible with the format, capturing the feeling of a particular scene from a film in a way no static image can __ IWDRM is a series of animated movie stills started in 2010. A video installation was shown in exhibitions at the Contemporary Arts Museum (Houston, TX), &FOAM (Amsterdam) and The Event (Birmingham). Follow on Tumblr, subscribe via rss or contact via form.


PIN BUTTON - Pinning a Web Page without the Pinterest Pin It Button - For Dummies

Copy the URL of the page where the image appears. You do this by going to the page where the image is located. In your browser’s address bar, click and highlight the entire URL. Then copy that address. Navigate to and log in. Click the Add+ button at the top-right corner of the screen. The Add dialog box appears. Click the Add a Pin button. The Add a Pin dialog box appears.

PIN - Pinterest - WordPress › jQuery Pin It Button For Images « WordPress Plugins

If you're looking for an easy way to pin images in your blog posts and pages, this plugin will help you with that. It highlights images and adds a "Pin it" button over them once the user hovers his mouse over an image. Once the user clicks the "Pin it" button, the plugin shows a pop-up window with the image and a description. Everything is ready for pinning, although the user can alter the description

VIDEO SITES - List of video hosting services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Video hosting services refers to websites or software where users can distribute their video clips. Other sites such as file hosting services, image hosting services and social network services might support video sharing as an enhancement to their primary mission, but in general, they are not listed here.


Tutoriel vidéo Photoshop : Réaliser un gif animé |

Dans ce tutoriel vidéo nous verrons comment utiliser l'outil animation de photoshop pour réaliser un gif animé. Il vous faudra Photoshop CS3 extended ou Photoshop CS4 pour avoir accès à l'outil animation. Si vous possédez d'autres versions vous devrez utiliser Image ready.


Art Documentaries___Video sur expériences Artistiques dans le Sud de la France

un site qui regroupe des petits documentaires sur des expositions et des performances artistiques en France

Wikimedia Commons __Médiathèque en ligne (2004) visant à proposer un répertoire central de contenus libres

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... (images, sons, vidéos, textes audio, etc.) pouvant être facilement utilisés par tous les projets Wikimedia. En novembre 2006, il a atteint un million de fichiers multimédia.

Lhivic : Laboratoire d'histoire visuelle contemporaine_Créé en octobre 2005

Actualités de la recherche en histoire visuelle : organe de veille dédié à la recherche dans le domaine des études visuelles (photographie, cinéma, vidéo, illustration, etc). On trouvera des éléments d'information sur l'évolution du blog sous le


Firefox Universal Uploader (fireuploader)_Version 0.3 — 27.06.2007__To upload/download files from any website using a friendly interface

To upload/download files from any website using a friendly interface. like files/photos/videos to Flickr, Picasa, Youtube, of free space) are Facebook in this version. Multiple files to the queue at a time and take care of uploading.

Wisibilityn _________blog de formation en vidéo pour tout ce qui touche à l'image numérique

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un blog de formation en vidéo pour tout ce qui touche à l'image numérique. Vous trouverez sur ce blog tout une série de vidéos de formation à Photoshop et d'autres logiciels de graphisme (et même une vidéo sur le concept de réalité augmentée).

Voicethread __Work With Flickr___The human voice around photographs

The human voice around photographs.This one is really simple and "lovely". Photos are a way to share experience and when you show photos to someone else, your voice is often an accompanying narrative adding a story. Voicethread allows the viewers of ph


Screenshot Tour: Instant photo movies with Tracking Shot - Lifehacker

un little webapp TrackingShot whips up movies from your photos and music in a flash (and in Flash). Click on the image above to see a quick tour of Tracking Shot in screengrabs. Upload your photos and music to TrackingShot and it'll mix up a Ken Burns-sty

Screenshot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A screenshot, screen dump, or screen capture or screenie is an image taken by the computer to record the visible items on the monitor or another visual output device. Usually this is a digital image taken by the host operating system or software running o

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