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November 2007

Escape Entities Greasemonkey Script

When you post to groups such as Flickr, or to blogs using tools such as Movable Type, you are often free to use a selection of HTML tags. This is very handy for adding links, images and basic formatting, but it comes with a downside—if you ever want to

June 2007

Localising-Flickr- Greasemonkey__add to the code of your futur scipt!

I just released a small bit of code to include in your GM script so that you can localise them and have them display messages in the same language as the Flickr interface language currently used by the user.

April 2007

Google Calendar Display Current Time Line____Greasemonkey script

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Adds a small red line to your calendar displaying the current time (pictured above) so you have a frame of reference for how close an upcoming appointment is. In all, it's a great introduction to more advanced Google Calendar use (including lots of shortc