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USERSTYLES - srazzano - Stylish² ( ex. S.E.M.) Editor addon

Stylish Add-on with various tweaks to accommodate Stylish Custom² and Stylish Editor² add-ons.

CSS - ICON - CDN @font-face - Iconic Font - iconmonstr

Iconic Font is a free set of 263+ finest icons in one font for your next project. @font-face: .im { display: inline-block; font: 24px/1 "iconmonstr-iconic-font"; text-rendering: auto; }


CUSTOM BUTTON - Userstyles - Help! Is it possible to enable/disable a single script via keyboard shortcuts? -

Toogle Style Lite: Requires Custom Buttons extension: Middle-click button for settings dialog to enter the ID# of the style to be toggled and other various options, including setting-up a keyboard shortcut (hotkey). Left-click button to toggle on/off style. Style Toggler: Generates a list of all/selected styles with various options.


USERSTYLES - REMOVE : Yahoo Mail: "Add Yahoo! as an application for mailto links?" • mozillaZine Forums

Hide "add as an application for mailto links" notifications : notification[value="Protocol Registration: mailto"] { display: none !important; }

CSS - RESET ALTERNATIVE - Setting rather than Resetting Default Styling

This "base styles sheet". It sets default styling for many elements, follows a couple of recommendations regarding usability/accessibility, and addresses a few "common issues" as well. What does it do that a reset doesn't? It fixes a few things: 1- It forces a gutter for a vertical scrollbar (when content is too short to require a scrollbar) 2- It includes an IE button width fix 3 -It removes "sticky" outline (not in Internet Explorer though) 4- It prevents "mysterious gaps below images" It prevents descenders letters in legend from being cut-off in Internet Explorer 5- It vertically aligns checkboxes and radio buttons with their label 6- It sets a default color background for the document with no shrink wrap effect on body1 7- It styles lists by default

sty 6 firefox 6 Trucs et astuces pour Firefox -

Vieux tuto: Mais utile.Découvrir Firefox si vous ne le connaissez pas (partie 1) et/ou de vous montrer comment modifier Firefox comme vous le voulez.

Userstyle - ICON FONT@FACE - Example - Iconset:defaulticon icons | 1 | Iconfinder

DefaultIcon ver 0.11 by Interactivemania : .h_icn_previous{ background: url( !important; background-size: 27px 17px !important; transform: rotate(180deg) !important; }

Userstyles - font@face EXEMPLE : Stylish pour Deezer | Sans Pseudo Fix

@namespace url(; @-moz-document domain("") { @font-face { font-family: 'Boogaloo'; font-style: normal; font-weight: 400; src: local('Boogaloo'), local('Boogaloo-Regular'), url( format('woff'); }

GOOGLE - GUIDE - How-to for Google Greasemonkey/Userstyles authors.... | Everything Else

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Google , que vous pouvez ou ne pouvez pas savoir , tourne trois modèles de page de cette écriture . Les deux premiers héritent beaucoup de code de l'autre , mais encore besoin de règles CSS séparées pour cibler la barre de navigation et d'autres éléments de la page , la dernière (troisième) conception exige un ciblage tout à fait différent .

STY - USERSTYLES Rounded first and last tab - Themes and Skins for Browser -

A style I made for fun, to round the first tab top left corner, and new tab top right corner. A good demonstration of using child tokens

STY - USRSTYLES - VLC web client mods - Themes and Skins for Localhost -

If you have VLC installed on the local machine, great! Use that to your avantage as you reconfigure the style. You'll still need to change the address so you can actually use this style with a remote machine, and you'll have to add other addresses if you are accessing more than one machine at any given time. Simply go to the web interface, copy the address and paste it in where it says "http://ip:port" or add the values in manually. If you don't know how to enable the web interface in VLC for remote control, you'll need to learn that first before this style has any relevance to you. Everything can be found online.

USERSTYLES - FIREFOX - No bookmarks bar icons - Themes and Skins for Browser -

No bookmarks bar icons, and no "star" icon on the "bookmarks" link Useful if you sort your bookmarks bar in folder and want to save space by not having that "folder" icon there, a well as make the bookmarks bar look cleaner and better and more compact.


When an CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) document is edited is very easy to mess the code making it unreadable. Especially if you use many nested STYLES it can become difficult to remember how the document is structured. CSS Beautifier will help you to solve many of these problems. This tool can process an CSS document and reformat it with a correct indentation and syntax highlighting. By applying CSS beautifies to your CSS code will improve the layout and indent style of the resulting CSS code. Beautification involves using white spaces like tabs and line-breaks to indent CSS code. Compaction removes unnecessary white spaces. This online tool will not fix your invalid invalid indentation, unpack CSS, De-Obfuscate CSS.


CSS - USERSTYLES - Code for various Firefox elements? -

You can inspect the Firefox user interface directly with DOM Inspector. (Which is not the same Inspector as in the Web Developer menu.) [] the icon in the upper-left corner of DOMi, the one with a pointer on it, then click anywhere in the browser to select an element; that element will be highlighted in the left column. Right-click the highlighted entry to display a context menu: "Copy Selector" suggests selectors for the element, "Set Pseudo-classes..." lets you switch on :hover. Notice that the browser itself is a document with its own URI, chrome://browser/content/browser.xul, Most of the browser chrome is XUL, but some, such as the Stylish editor, is HTML embedded in XUL.

CSS - TOOL (Bookmarklet) -Favelets + Favelet Creator - To diagnose CSS error

Favelets: these just dynamically write a link element into the head of the document. The link points to a style sheet. This allows for "diagnosis" favelets that are easy to update or change (you just edit the style sheet). Favelet Creator Input the URL of the style sheet you want to use in your favelet, and the name of the favelet as you want it to appear in your toolbar. The "Favelet" link should automatically update to use those values; you then simply drag it into your favorites toolbar.

Flickr WideScreen - ALLinONE - V.9.5.5 - Themes and Skins for Flickr -

It's an adaptation for Greasemonkey's Scripts that i use a lot. I want : - More informations by page. - Hide some little things that i don't use always and Use "Hover Mouse" things to give them visibility when i need. - Less scrolling if possible. - Pleasant view, with more place for shots.


Google Maps - Full Screen (Updated 12. August '08) |

This styles makes the map window bigger, you will find the search at the top left. Print-, email- and link-button are on the top right. Because someone asked: Since you need the "Stylish" extension for this, this is not available for Internet Explorer.


Google Maps - Minimal -

A wonderful script. I have tried many google maps fullscreen script, but this one is the best ....move mouse to left side to show sidebar