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May 2009

CustomizeGoogle - Remove Filtered |

When the "filter" option is used in CustomizeGoogle (a wonderful extension, by the way), the filtered results are replaced with a line of text alerting you that a result has been removed. Originally inspired by Google Search Results Filter, the purpose of this style is to ENTIRELY remove ALL filtered search results; if I intended to filter a specific site, I don't necessarily want to a giant hole in the layout of search results. This style takes care of that, removing any trace, all without breaking the layout of the page. Also, you do not have to update your "list", as there is no "list," as there is in Google Search Results Filter. This style works for both sites CustomizeGoogle filters: 1) Google search results and 2) Google News

Google Maps - Minimal -

A wonderful script. I have tried many google maps fullscreen script, but this one is the best ....move mouse to left side to show sidebar

Google Calendar Colorize weekend and minor change -

The week end days are in differents colors. The daily events and the events are in Trebuchet MS 12px

April 2009 - Tags on left, meta on right |

Move the tag chain to the left and left-align it, and move all the various things that end up in the "meta" div to the right. What the meta div holds depends on the page you're viewing. When viewing your own bookmarks, the meta div contains the group of action links (share/edit//delete). On the Network view and when browsing the site by tag, it holds the account name of the person who contributed the link. On the search results page and when browsing Popular bookmarks, it has the "First saved by" information.

October 2008

Compress Bookmarks Toolbar Items |

Last updated Jun 05 2008 10 installs this week, 415 total. Greatly condenses the Bookmarks Toolbar. Removes padding, making the toolbar very small and minimal. Excellent style for those who want to conserve screen real-estate. Works on Firefox2 AND Firefox3 !!

Mr Tech's Toolkit - Dynamic Apply Button |

Last updated Jun 23 2008 Only displays the "Apply" button when you make a change to Mr Tech's Toolkit (Formerly Mr. Tech's Local Install) Browser Versions: - Works on Firefox 3 - Works on Firefox 2

Adblock Plus - Dynamic Apply Button | userstyles.org___Last updated Jun 24 2008

Only displays the "Apply" button when you make a change to Adblock Plus. Why show a button that you can't click!? Browser Versions: - Works on Firefox 3 - Works on Firefox 2 Integrates With the Following Styles: + Adblock Plus - Custom Filterlist Window Background + Adblock Plus - Visual Alert if Disabled + Mr Tech's Toolkit - Dynamic Apply Button Window Applied to:

AutoPager Extension - Transparent Popup Menus |

When the AutoPager Firefox extension detects a stream-able page, the popup it displays will be transparent, allowing you to see the web content behind it. The popup will then return back to normal display when you Hover your Mouse over the popup! Obviously, you must have the Firefox Add-on "Auto Pager" installed (installer link below)