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April 2009

delicious Management for Greasemonkey

The Bookmark Management GreaseMonkey script will add 2 links to your pages. The links will allow you to either share or delete all displayed items on the current page. You can search for items or narrow down the results by selecting a tag. * Modifications for Delicious v2 Website and FF3 * Use of GM API instead of web page calls (this does require the user to sign into the delicious API) These modifications will get the script working again with the latest updates to the Delicious website and FF3. After I first made this script I found the Install scriptyumyum script. Admittedly this script is better than mine which is why I haven't made too many updates to this one. However, since the Delicious upgrade yumyum doesn't work. So long story short, here is an update to this script. Inline View for Greasemonkey

Adds an 'inline view...' link to pages which loads the url inside a html iframe in the bottom of every link. Bundle sorter for Greasemonkey

Changes the delicious tag bundle manager so unbundled tags are listed at the beginning. - Sort Visible Links for Greasemonkey

Sort all the links on the page by their title, URL or popularity. Updated on Feb 17, 2009 to fix its operation on full search results page

delicious star rater for Greasemonkey

by 2 others
Rate your most favourite bookmarks on with an awesome star-rater. Rated bookmarks may be highlighted within the bookmarks list for easy recognition. The script uses a star-tag (★) for the rating.

January 2009

October 2008

Automate Adding Bookmarks to :: the How-To Geek ne marche pas avec Delicious 2.0 extension

Greasemonkey comes to the rescue with the Install autotag user script, but the problem is that you can't edit the bookmarks by clicking on the tag button, because that script always immediately submits the form, and also duplicates the tags. I've created an upgrade to the script that fixes those problems. Just like the first script, it will automatically add the popular and recommended tags: