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USERSCRIPT (AUTOPAGER like) - Nexto - Example

This is a base for an autopager, basically loads the next page if you give it the content to load and a CSS selector to the Next link, to add a website modify the implementation array, only tested on Firefox, probably buggy but works for what I need it for, you need to add @includes and add website to the implementations array to get it to work. V1.5 works in Chrome, if you're into that sort of thing. (example) Test OK for Recherche OPAC Bibliothèque de Bobigny (2018) (link : var implementations = [ { site: "", // regex to compare against site URL, similar to @include nextLinkSelector: ".dropdown.btn.btn-default.pagi + .btn.btn-default.hidden-phone.hasTooltip", // css selector for the next link, tip: find the current page button and do next sibling contentSelector: ".tmpl-content .colctre", // the content that will be added to from the next page javascript: false // set this to true if the website uses javascript to load content, 50% chance it'll work } ];