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April 2009

Unpaginate Pagination Microformated Web Pages for Greasemonkey

This script will unpaginate any web pages augmented by the pagination microformat, into what traditionally (if somewhat incorrectly) has been called "endless" Google, Flickr, and similar, pages. In other words, a hack that loads the next page into the present one when you scroll within about half a screenful of the end, so you don't have to lose the pageful you have to load the next pageful -- it just gets inlined for you, instead. By itself, this script will do nothing at all, because it only contains the code that implements this unpagination; tailoring it to other sites is up to other, much, much smaller custom scripts anyone can write -- or indeed site authors may augment their site templates with, for the benefit of their visitors running this hack, should they want to.

June 2008

jAutoPagerize – Userscripts.orgJ__just Another AutoPagerize (supports Firefox3, Safari3)

More hackable. I wrote AutoPagerize from scratch with some utility functions (like Mochikit Deferred, etc.) and tiny cross-browser supports. This script does NOT consider Firefox2, so may not be worked.