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FIR - ConfigFox - Utility to manage Firefox advanced, hidden setting

ConfigFox is an utility to manage Firefox advanced, hidden settings and tweaks, mostly concerning security and privacy. With ConfigFox you can manage multiple profiles independently. It is compatible with all Firefox builds: Waterfox, Palemoon, Tor, Portable, etc... If you don't have Firefox installed in your computer you will be prompted to select your custom Firefox path (executable). Features - Quickly create and customize Firefox profiles. - Easily enable/disable settings with one click. - Quickly search Config entries. - Get updates for Config collection. - Backup, Defrag and Vacuum profiles for a faster performance. - View profile information. - Search online for Config strings information.


FIREFOX - CONFIG - user.js - Deux hacks pour augmenter les performances de Firefox

ADDON: "Load from Cache" + "ConfigFox Tu peux faire un user.js dans le profil Firefox qui contient les options permettant de l’accélérer ! Tu peux utiliser configfox si tu es sous windows. Voici mon user.js du moment : /* Config File generated by ConfigFox */



FlickrThumbnailsEnhancer.user.js firefox 1.5

adds the number of comments and notes to each photo listed in any list of thumbnails on Flickr (i.e. group pools, photos from your contacts, favorites, etc.).


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