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October 2008

warn+delete GreasmonkeyScript By Schmickr:

warn+delete : Send messages to group members and optionally eject or ban them at the same time. This script is a modified version of Steeev's famous script. My version lets you save messages with a label to make it easier to identify saved messages. It also has less aggressive defaults.

June 2008

Pipes: Flickr — Group membership bulk copy

Lists groups that user FROM is in but user TO is not, linking to group’s “join” page. Does not really “copy” groups, but takes you half-way

March 2007

Flickr Auto Tag 0.4 - 6V8 - Production of my Mind

Participating in "playing" groups like Let’s Play Tag requires you to place tags on other people photos. And it’s always the same tags.This greasemonkey script allows you to save combinations of tags and quickly reuse them.