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August 2007

Geofeeds on Flickr - Geo RSS _ new

Fickr is now offering a rss geo feed and a google earth kml file. Open the kml file (found near the bottom of every flickr users latest page of photo), it open up in google earth showing my most 20 (ish) recent photos that i added geolocation data to in f

August 2006

Flickr: - All Our Flickr Photos on Google Maps! - GeoTagging Flickr (-) - All Our Flickr Photos on Google Maps! view profile aemkei Pro User [ FS FI INT ] says: After the great feedback on the Localize Bookmarklet I got the next secret something for you guys: A tool to browse the world of Flickr photos! Here you – Explore your world through everyone's eyes ___Bookmarklet Flickr extention

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A smart way to browse and locate Flickr images on large map of the world. Filter photos by selecting a specific tag or searching for your buddy's user name. All navigation is done without any page refresh. An app that may save your boring afternoons. pro