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Featured Download: FilePhile Transfers Any Size File Between Any Two Systems

After registering at FilePhile's site with an email address and password, you grab and install a copy of the Java-based app, launch it, and add email addresses to your buddy list. Sending a file is a simple right-click on someone's name, but you can limit the bandwidth eaten up by FilePhile in its preferences. The transfers themselves are encrypted, and, as the site boasts, can be any size. That's about it, but that's probably all you need.

How to Upload MP3 Music Files to Flickr or Picasa Web Albums

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To hide an MP3 file into a JPEG image, copy the MP3 file and a picture into a folder. Open the command prompt window (Start –> Run –> cmd) and switch to this folder. Now run the following command: copy /b my_picture.jpg + my_song.mp3 my_new_picture.jpg Remember to replace my_picture and my_song with relevant file names. Next, upload the my_new_picture.jpg file to Flickr. The MP3 song picture will look just like any other regular photograph that you share on Flickr

Transformez votre ordinateur en serveur ftp | SVM

Le FTP (File Transfert Protocol) est l’un des plus vieux protocoles du Net, sa version originelle date de 1971 ! C’est aussi l’un des plus efficaces pour transférer des fichiers, et pour cause : il a été créé uniquement pour cette tâche. Transformer son PC en serveur FTP n’est pas compliqué, grâce à FileZilla. Cet utilitaire FTP, qui compte parmi les plus efficaces, est gratuit et open source. Seul bémol, il est en anglais. Mais même les plus hermétiques à la langue de Shakespeare devraient y arriver : suivez le guide.


MediaFire - Share any size file - Limité à 100mo/Fichier__Lifehacker _Remplzce Yousend it

Web site MediaFire is a free file hosting service that allows unlimited file sizes and uploads, as well as unlimited downloads of files. The service is really well made, especially the upload progress page, which gives you a nice view of your upload progr

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