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October 2008

QuickStart Configures Your Ubuntu System Without Terminal Work

Linux only: QuickStart, a free automation utility for Ubuntu Linux systems, makes it easy to perform partial or full system backups of any partition, synchronize folders and update them on a schedule, and take care of other tasks a beginner would normally need to spend serious time researching. The tiny app opens a simple interface listing your choices, although dialog prompts guide you through any steps requiring input. The tools for installing DVD playing codecs, backing up your Master Boot Record, and creating synchronized backups seem particularly helpful, and while I haven't tested every function, a handful of them completed without any problems. QuickStart is a free download for Ubuntu systems only; both links below carry non-terminal installation instructions for the script.

June 2008

Unlock USB Support for VirtualBox in Ubuntu Hardy Heron__LINUX___Ubuntu Unleashed blog

Step-by-step instructions on installing and configuring VirtualBox with support for plug-in devices. It's specific to the newest Ubuntu and a little bit more than the "five easy steps"