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Jardin Zen css: La beauté de la conception CSS - Spip

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Alors, de quoi s'agit–il? Il y a clairement un besoin pour les graphistes de prendre les CSS au sérieux. Le Jardin Zen vise à exciter, inspirer, et encourager la participation. Pour commencer, voyez quelques concepts choisis dans la liste. Cliquez sur n'importe lequel pour le charger sur cette page. Le code HTML demeure le même, et seule la feuille de style extérieure change. Oui, vraiment. Les CSS permettent un contrôle complet et total du style d'un document hypertexte. La seule manière de vraiment démontrer cela d'une manière qui excite les gens est de démontrer ce qui peut vraiment être, une fois que les rennes ont été placées dans les mains de ceux capables de créer la beauté basée sur la forme. Jusqu'à maintenant, les exemples de trouvailles et montages intéressants ont étés fournis par des programmeurs et des structuralistes. Les concepteurs ont encore à faire leurs preuves. Cela doit changer.

The FontFeed__Recommended Fonts, Typography Techniques, Tutorial and Inspirational Examples

a daily dispatch of recommended fonts, typography techniques, and inspirational examples of digital type at work in the real world. Eat up.


ikea hacker

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WANTED: your ikea hacks. whatever they may be - a funked up klippan sofa, an ingenious idea for your pax wardrobe, a creative twist on your kitchen countertop, or even advice on how to finally stop forby stools from wobbling, i'd love to see your ikea hacks

Photojojo Resurrect Your Vintage Camera, Digital Style__Digitize Your Old Camera

You can take digital pictures using that incredibly cool old camera. Combine your digital camera with your kitschy cam, and you’ll end up with some serious vintage-style awesome. Come on along and we’ll let you in on the secret. How To Do It : Through the viewfinder. You’ll need two cameras for this trick: one (preferably digital) to take the picture and another to aim through. Most people seem to favor cameras with waist-level viewfinders, such as the old Kodak Duaflex, because they’re large and easy to see.

25 outils de réseaux sociaux à destination des bibliothécaires __(Article traduit)__avril 2008,

En tant que bibliothécaire, vous aurez besoin de partager de l'information avec vos usagers. Avec des outils de réseaux sociaux, vous pouvez mettre en place des collections de signets, partager des notices, et bien plus. Nous en avons listé ci-après 2

bibliothèque virtuelle Sur Second Life___Voir l'exemple sur leWiki d'une Bib

Sur Second Life, vous pouvez créer une bibliothèque virtuelle, animer des conférences, des cours, proposer des médias en streaming... Pour un bon exemple de ce que peut faire une bibliothèque sur Second Life, visitez le wiki : murdochsecondlife wiki.


How to Make Video Panoramas from Your Digital Camera’s Video Clips

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Your digital camera probably shoots video clips as well, and by stitching those clips together, you can make a full-motion video panorama. Landscapes, streetscapes, interior shots, birthday parties, they all come to life in sparkling, wide-angle videorama


instructables : $11 Super Wide Angle Digital Camera

$11 Super Wide Angle Digital Camera Add a 160 degree wide angle lens to your existing digital camera for $11.

Image Transfers

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This section will try to cover various types of transferring images to your artwork. A lot are well known and some may be new. All give different results, some are easier than others and will need some practise and experimentation to achieve the effects y

Image transfers with the Blender Pen

BLENDER PEN TRANSFER This is a transfer process using photocopies and a blender pen. I use a Chartpak Blender Pen. A blender pen transfer works great on all kinds of fabrics, tile, paper, wood, copper, linoleum, and a variety of other materials. And it w

Cadre photo dans boitier CD__Photojojo » DIY Jewel Case Frames: Wonderful Wall Art Faster than you can say Polar Bears!

a clever project that uses CD jewel cases to make rearrangeable, refillable, photo frames for those empty walls of yours. Watch our first ever Photojojo video tutorial and see how you can get your photographs off-line and on your walls in about half an ho

Photojojo » The DIY CanFrame: Transform a Tin Can into a Simple Photo Frame in 15 Minutes

Our tutorial will step you through an insanely simple way to show off your photos for the price of a 79 cent can of beans. All you need is the aforementioned can, some glue, a photo, and 15 minutes! - Drawing lessons

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Web site has a huge collection of tutorials designed to take you from beginning doodler to expert drawer. Obviously we're not all born to be artists (I could draw you a mean still life of fruit, but it would take me several days), but if

The Scanner Photography Project

Scanner modifications... For my scanner photography work, I use the Canon LIDE 20. The LIDE 20 provides a useful starting point for the hardware development aspects of the scanner camera. Its relative simplicity and durability make it an easy tool to expe

Instructables: step-by-step collaboration

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Welcome to Instructables: step-by-step collaboration Instructables is a venue for showing what you make and how others can make it. Making things is part of being human. Whether you make bikes, kites, food, clothing, protocols for biology research, or hac