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OpenURL ContextObject in SPAN (COinS) Use with LibX (Firefox extension that provides direct access to your library's resources).

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To embed citation metadata into html in such a way that processing agents can discover, process and make use of the metadata. Since an important use of this metadata will be to allow processing agents to make OpenURL hyperlinks for users in libraries (latent OpenURL), the method must allow the metadata to be placed any where in HTML that a link might appear. In the absence of some metadata-aware agent, the embedded metadata must be invisible to the user and innocuous with respect to HTML markup. To meet these requirements, the span element was selected. The NISO OpenURL ContextObject is selected as the specific metadata package. The resulting specification is named "ContextObject in SPAN" or COinS for short. A COinS Generator site is available - See : COinS Processors Alf Eaton's Greasemonkey script for processing COinSVirginia Tech's

8 Tips To Make FireFox Search Friendly |

1. Install the Google Toolbar. 2. Take advantage of FireFox search plugins Or create your own. Let’s take a quick look at how you can create your own search plugin for any search engine or site you refer to daily: * search the site you are creating the plugin for; * copy the query string; * change your search term in the query string for {searchTerms}; * go to and complete the form as shown below; 3. Use FireFox “smart keywords” feature(it allows you to search right from the address bar). 4. Use The CyberSearch FireFox plugin (download it here).Another way to search from the address bar. It supports multiple Google services... 5. Tweak your FireFox about:config settings.Yet another way to search from the address bar. (tip by FireFox facts). 6. Use Search Bookmarklets 7. Search Highlighted Words With Multiple EnginesSearch the highlighted word using multiple search engines: KallOut8. Search The Web (Or Any Website) With One Searchy


NeoNet France > Creer une barre d’outils pour votre site avec Conduit Connect

Tout le monde connaît les barres d’outils de Google, Yahoo!, Digg, ou Microsoft, mais saviez-vous que vous pouviez créer une barre d’outil totalement personnalisable gratuitement et la proposer à vos lecteurs ?. Possibilités offertes par Conduit Connect : Recherche, Navigation et Outils. 1- Logo de la barre d’outils (personnalisable à souhait) 2- La barre de recherche (Entièrement personnalisable : Vous pouvez y mettre absolument tous les moteurs de recherche qui existent.) 2- Zone de Navigation .Placer ici divers flux RSS. 4 - bDes Outile ( Radio, Tchat, Email Notifier..)

Conduit____Service 2.0 spécialement dédié aux barres d’outils personnalisables

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(compatible firefox ET Internet explorer). Malheureusement, dans la bibliothèque où je travaille, je n’ai jamais réussi à le faire fonctionner avec notre catalogue dont le champ principal de recherche ne peut s’exporter… alors que c’est un service de base pour les barres d’outils. (soupir).. Autre Avis : ___Je ne souhaite pas pour autant me raccrocher à un bidule comme Conduit (lourd, plein de gadgets inutiles et pas très bon pour l’inventivité et l’autonomie).


Google Advanced Operations Toolbar :: Mozilla Addons :: Add Features to Mozilla Software

Google Advanced Operations Toolbar » Overview Google Advanced Operations Toolbar screenshot More Previews » Google Advanced Operations Toolbar 1.5.5, by tnreb, released on Apr 11, 2006 This toolbar provides a shortcut to some of Google's advanced search