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October 2009

OpenURL ContextObject in SPAN (COinS) Use with LibX (Firefox extension that provides direct access to your library's resources).

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To embed citation metadata into html in such a way that processing agents can discover, process and make use of the metadata. Since an important use of this metadata will be to allow processing agents to make OpenURL hyperlinks for users in libraries (latent OpenURL), the method must allow the metadata to be placed any where in HTML that a link might appear. In the absence of some metadata-aware agent, the embedded metadata must be invisible to the user and innocuous with respect to HTML markup. To meet these requirements, the span element was selected. The NISO OpenURL ContextObject is selected as the specific metadata package. The resulting specification is named "ContextObject in SPAN" or COinS for short. A COinS Generator site is available - See : COinS Processors Alf Eaton's Greasemonkey script for processing COinSVirginia Tech's

November 2008

Library toolbar___Barre d’outil (widget) pour usagers des Bibliothèque

Tutoriel en anglais pour créer une Barre d’outil pour ses usagers... A "perfect" UWA Netvibes Library Catalogue widget! It did not cost any money, just a little time. You have used free webtools, have complete control, and the widget can be used by anybody, in almost any platform. There is no maintenance, you can follow use by numbers of downloads. You can make the link to the widget visible on your website or anywhere you want. See The Movie!