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TVRename - renommer les series TV selon un pattern precis ( Utile pour XBMC)

( NE PAS confondre avec TVRenamer dont Shaitan parle ICI. tres bon aussi mais pas du tout comparable). J'ai juste commence a jouer avec mais voici un petit exemple des fonctionnalitees de base: - renommer les series TV selon un pattern precis, pour info il est meme capable d'aller vous chercher le nom de l'epidode et vous le mettre dans le nom fichier (si vous le voulez seulement) - recuperer les NFO par episodes + les thumbs - recuperer poster ou wideicon pour les series - donner la date de diffusion des prochains episodes - chercher a telecharger pour vous l'episode - ... Bref ce truc est juste incroyable pour les series TV

Flickr photostream update - sort your photos by taken date instead of upload date!

A cool app to sort your photos by taken date instead of upload date Follow these steps: 1. Configure your options: * If you keep all the fields empty, ALL your photos will be processed. You can restrict the batch with the dates below. * Dates format is: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss. hh:mm:ss is Optional * If you wish to only process photos from a set, enter the set id in the 'Photoset id' field * If you wish to only process photos with particular tags, enter comma-separated tags in the 'Tags' field (can be combined with dates) * If you wish to process a single photo, enter its Id in the 'Photo id' field


Merge MP3__Regroupe plusieurs mp3 en seul__Freeware LifeHacker

It is often necessary to merge multiple sound files into one recording. This need may arise for various reasons: merge ripped CD tracks into one, combine multiple chapters of an audiobook, etc. There are many great programs to achieve this, but very few of them are actually free. I've discovered that while all of these programs perform the task well, they also contain lots of other features, making them too complicated for the tasks

Merge MP3 Combines Audio Files in Drag-and-Drop Interface

The application is tiny, the interface familiar, and it will allow you to drag-and-drop MP3 files onto a playlist, change the order, preview the audio, and then mix them all down to a single MP3 files along with APIC images and ID3 meta-data. Perfect for creating a mix or joining files from an audiobook you've ripped from multiple CDs. Merge MP3 is a free download for Windows.

Organize Tools on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

add a new menu to it and utilize its great batch function. Now you can collect any photos in Organize and send to the following tools. Currently three tools are available: 1. Flickr Album Maker 2. fd's Slideshow Maker 3. fd's Mosaic Maker

The Ultimate Flickr Tools Hacks and Scripts Database____GeekTonic by Brent Evans:

UltimateFlickrTools The Ultimate Flickr Tools Database? As of this posting date, this post includes more tha350 different tools, hacks and scripts to use with flickr. And when I started gathering this list I was naive enough to think this list would have about 100 tools total...n


Réorganiser sa bibliothèque audio

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quelques petits utilitaires, assortis de consignes pour la prise en main et de conseils utiles. Suivez le guide !