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A really basic TODO list for Google Calendar - Prototype for Greasemonkey

NOTE* Please see Gimite's version at for a functional version that stores entries within Google Calendar. This is a *prototype* for a script to add a To-do list to Google Calendar. As of this writing it stores to-do entries in the GM local store, which means that each of your firefox installs/computers will have its own list.


Google Calendar Display Current Time Line____Greasemonkey script

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Adds a small red line to your calendar displaying the current time (pictured above) so you have a frame of reference for how close an upcoming appointment is. In all, it's a great introduction to more advanced Google Calendar use (including lots of shortc

Google Calendar TODO list (Greasemonkey)_____Download of the Day:

The Google Calendar TODO list script adds a task list to your calendar with checkboxes to mark items as done.