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FIREFOX - ADDON - EXTENSION - TEST PILOT - Latest Firefox Test Pilot Experiments: Custom Color and Side View - The Mozilla Blog

Before we bring new features to Firefox, we give them a test run to make sure they’re right for our users. To help determine which features we add and how exactly they should work, we created the Test Pilot program.

FIREFOX - ADDON - EXPERIMENt - TEST PILOT - Color is a new Firefox Test Pilot Experiment - gHacks Tech News

You need to install the Test Pilot extension and the Firefox Color experiment to get started. You may do so in Firefox Stable or any other version of the browser that is supported by Mozilla. Color opens a special interface after installation which you interact with to create the theme and save or share it. The Firefox Color website displays several interactive elements on the page that depict browser UI elements.


Configurer l'affichage de Firefox pour WideScreen (Couch Surfing-Friendly ) - Apple mais adaptable à Pc - - Tweaks - Lifehacker

Firefox: Si vous utilisez Firefox systématiquement à une distance lors de présentations ou de votre canapé, par exemple, cette combinaison intelligente de Tweaks Firefox la rend plus facile pour vos yeux. 1. Téléchargez ce fichier userChrome.css ici. 2. Placez le userChrome.css 'dans le dossier suivant: ~ / Bibliothèque / Application Support / Firefox / Profiles / [profil]-name / chrome / [Ed. Note: Ils utilisent Mac OS X, reportez-vous cet article de la Base de connaissances MozillaZine pour trouver l'emplacement du dossier de profil dans votre système d'exploitation.] 3. Installez le plugin en cliquant sur Non Squint ici. 4. Changer de page par défaut du plugin n Squint de «plein niveau de zoom" mise à 150%. 5. Installer un thème qui fonctionne avec la taille du texte augmenté. J'ai choisi Hexxya, Qui utilise également des icônes plus petites de sorte que vous pouvez voir plus de votre barre d'adressei. 6. Profitez de votre navigateur Firefox HD!Firefox Dix Mode Couch Foot


The Ultimate Joomla Toolbox: Themes, Extensions and Resources | Noupe

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Joomla is one of the most popular CMSs out there, and it’s no surprise considering how extensible it is. The great thing about Joomla is the extensions (components, modules and plugins), that can be added to your Joomla website. This allows the average user to add more functionality and dynamic content to their website without being a developer or programmer. In this post you will find a thorough collection of all kinds of resources that will aid designers and developers working with Joomla-powered websites. This collection is intended to simplify your tasks and save you time when working with Joomla. This post covers essential resources related to Joomla— Themes, Extensions, Tutorials, Forums, Cheat Sheets and Useful Documents.