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October 2008

ReadTheWords.com___Program that can "read" text out loud

program that can "read" text out loud? I tried a few but they sound like robots talking. It would be nice to listen to blog articles while working. ...or do I need to just free up more reading time? .Seems to work pretty nice, you can choose the different voices that you want. They have a nice toolbar you can install and you can download the recordings to MP3 and use them on your MP3 player.

April 2008

Lifehacker Faceoff: Battle of the Notepad Alternatives

Battle of the Notepad AlternativesBest Notepad alternative? Notepad2 - Notepad++ - ZuluPad - Programmer's Notepad - Other. (Tell us in the comments!)

July 2007

ClipCase___Advanced clipboard formatting

Windows only: Freeware application ClipCase formats the text in your clipboard in a number of very useful ways—from line break removal to different capitalization schemes—designed to help you clean up text before you paste it elsewhere.