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USERSCRIPT - BYPASS - AdsBypasser: Bypass ad counter if possible.

This user script helps you to: skip countdown ads or continue pages. prevent ad pop-up windows. It CANNOT help you to solve reCAPTCHAs. Forked from RedirectionHelper written by SuYS.


Megaupload Auto-Fill Captcha - Greasemonkey - OCR in Java

Auto-fills the megaupload/megarotic captcha and optionally auto-starts download: Rewritten to do OCR in javascript, auto-submit for captcha form. Warning: This runs methods from unsafeWindow, so don't use it if you don't trust since it's possible to use that to run javascript with more privileges. I might write a GIF decoder to avoid this soon.


Rapidshare Download Delay Bypass – (2008)

Rapidshare Download Delay Bypass Script for bypassing rapidshare countdown. Works with and without javascript. If you get Download-Ticket Not Ready, continue to "reload with POSTDATA" until you get a download dialog. v2.5 - Fixed auto-reload for "download ticket not ready" & removed extra characters in the inserted html. v2.4 - updated for Rapidshare site changes.

Infos du Net: TOM'S Guide_ Logiciels Internet Extension

Liste d'extensions pour Firefox , en français . Descriptions claires et précises, screenshots divers, avis et ....j'arrive à l'"Autopager" !


GM Extension__"_Blank Must Die"

Removes the target of hyperlinks that open in a new browser window. Will open those pages in the active window.

RS-Bundle__Gm script____Rapidshare Service Helper

Does many things like autoclicks the free button, allows the use of a download manager, removes extra stuff from the download page, ready to download alerts when you have to wait, and more.