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Faviki - Social bookmarking tool using smart semantic Wikipedia (DBpedia) tags

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Faviki is a social bookmarking tool that lets you use Wikipedia concepts as tags. Faviki allows you to keep your own tags and connect them to common, universal concepts from the world's largest collection of knowledge!

Bookmarks Insuggest

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analyzes your online bookmarks and recommend other bookmarks that matches your taste.

2008 extension___Taguer des photos comme Delicious....

This Firefox extension has been nicely developed by Sergi Meseguer and allows you to post an image to your account just right clicking on it.


Flickr: Flickr photo thumbnails on - Lifehacker

Bookmark and tag a Flickr photo with and a thumbnail of that photo magically appears in your bookmark list. Bookmarks :: Extension officielle pour Firefox

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This extension integrates your browser with, the leading social bookmarking service on the Web. It does this by augmenting the bookmarking functionality in Firefox with an enhanced experience that offers the following advantages:

Autoblogger___Publish recent bookmarks marked with a specified tag

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reads recent bookmarks marked with a specified tag and creates a link to them with the page title, as well as quote a random (filtered, given simple heuristics) excerpt of the text.

Créer des categories dans Blogger __Avec Delicious___Dicoco Light

Créer des categories dans Blogger (2/2)pour créer des catégories dans Blogger. Il s’agit de la méthode utilisant les « Tags ». Plus compliquée à initialiser, mais plus facile à utiliser. Permet ensuite d’avoir la liste des catégo

Bookmark Tags Firefox Extension

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Bookmark Tags Firefox Extension - Une énième extension Firefox qui permet de classer ses bookmarks. Un petit plus quand même pour cette solution qui permet d'associer un lien avec plusieurs catégories comme on peut le faire dans ou blogmar

Netvibes welcome to the Delicious module

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Netvibes welcome to the delicious module - Un module Netvibes pour gérer ses blogmarks



HuntAndGather opens tabs corresponding to the latest URLs stored on given the desired tag. In future releases, the option will be given to display a list of clickable links.

Scripted Re-Mark - Batch Editor for Bookmarks

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his service helps you manage your bookmarks stored on popular social bookmarking site If you've ever wanted to make edits to all your bookmarks in one hit ("batch mode"),

nutr.itio.us____Outils Gestion Bookmark - Outils Collaboratifs

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j'ai découvert tout récemment Ce bookmarklet remédie au problème principal de Delicious: la liberté donnée à chacun de créer ses propres rubriques - mots clés et par là même d'empêcher la mise en commun des ressources. En effet u

Delicer_______X2line Delicer - client tool.s a desktop application for managing and navigating your tags and bookmarks

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s a desktop application for managing and navigating your tags and bookmarks____Delicer will help manage your internet favorites (aka tags) effectively, quickly navigate through internet bookmarks, view Tag associated videos on YouTube, view Ta

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The community is awesome. Users like you have created a ton of interesting and useful services and tools that build on to add all kinds of features and options, and most of them are free (some are even open-source). We've made a li Randomizer

Each time you hit the Randomizer Button, will bounce you to a random new page recently bookmarked by other users. By visiting the help page devoted to Randomizer Buttons, you can grab a bookmarklet of your own to sta Flickr Contacts _Flickr: GM script: (FF v1.5 + GM 0.6.4 + Flickr GAMMA) - Yuan.CC Flickr Tools

Dear all, Sorry for the long waiting. contacts is back. This script is not only GAMMA compatible, but more designed for GAMMA UI now. You can see a search box in People Search page. Besides, you can send your contacts to del.icio.u

Tutorial Delicious : Comment faire des recherches dans The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Users » Slacker Manager

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* Tags: * Combined tags: * Popular: * Popular tags: * Users:

LiveMarks Delicious

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les tags de Delicious en live : trés rapide ! Bundle-management dimmer

Changes the look of's tag bundle manager. Tags in 'another bundle' will now appear grey; unbundled tags will remain blue and tags in this bundle remain red with pink background. This makes it easier for compulsive organizers who want to bundle bundle creation workflow on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Delicious' experimental bundle creation workflow (i.e. saved search macro)

BlinkList | Your personal start page and social bookmarking engine

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bookmar en ligne , avec plusieurs possibilitées interressantes (watch list, partage de site ets...)