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Enlever mDNSResponder.exe - Résolu

Pour eviter qu'il se lance au démarrage, faites un clic droit sur Pote de travail --> Gerer --> Services et application --> Services --> rechercher Services Bonjour ou plutot : ##Id_String1.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762## (Ca ne ressemble pas trop à bonjour... mais c bien celui-là!!), et double clicker dessus arreter le service puis au lieu d'automatique desactiver le

Windows (Collins)- Startup programs - Intro, Identifying, Disabling, Comprehensive List

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The intention of these pages is to provide a central resource for PC users and Tech Support staff alike who are concerned about the poor performance of their PCs due to the number of programs that run at system start-up. The following information is provided:


Unlock for Us: UnlockForMe! "Access denied", opening a folder in Windows Vista/XP

The solution is taking the ownership of system files or folders that you want to open or modify.


HashTab __Vérification

HashTab is a Windows shell extension which adds a tab called "File Hashes" to the Windows Explorer file properties. The tab contains the MD5, SHA1 and CRC-32 file hashes.

Sandboxie___Create a ’Sandboxed’ environment on your PC .Within-which you can install and/or run programs or browse the net.

Create a ’Sandboxed’ environment on your PC within-which you can install and/or run programs or browse the net. Any data writing operations that the Sandboxed applications perform can then be rolled back and/or eliminated. The net effect of this is to