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November 2008

S60/Nokia phone specification (actualisés)---Donne les systhemes Symbian pour chaque modéle

Donne les systheme Symbian pour chaque modéle ______One of the problems with Series 60 (S60) is the sheer number of devices that have been released and that are upcoming. Knowing which ones do what and matching them up to your needs is a tricky task. Which is why I've set out to help you, below. Hope you find it useful! Compiled by Steve Litchfield. Page last updated September 2008.

October 2008

Battle of the Mobile Phone Operating Systems

Gizmodo shows off its promiscuous use of every smartphone on the block in an informative explainer about the current roster of mobile operating systems out there, from Windows Mobile, iPhone 2.0, and Android to Symbian, BlackBerry, and Palm. In the wake of the iPhone 3G and on the eve of Android's launch, we want to know: which flavor of smartphone OS is your favorite? Cast your vote below. More »

January 2008

SISWare (soft pc gratuit)__Best tools for Symbian Application Install package builder- Recherche Google

SISWare is the best tools for Symbian Application Install package builder. SISWare providing as freeware and supports sis and sisx file for Symbian9.x and ...

S60 3rd edition software (Nokia E90,N95,N93,N71,N73,E61,E65,E70,3250,...) by SmartphoneWare

S60 3rd edition software (Nokia E90,N95,N93,N71,N73,E61,E65,E70,3250, etc)

S60v3[OS 9.1]-All Queries,Faqs & Discussion Here Only! - Page 3 - Imserba Cell Phones Forum

You wants a specific application then please look out that in "s60v3 application index" created by me see my signature for link please do not put any demand over here. Unsign cr4cked applications need to be signed by or self sign method

Le logiciel OpenSSL (multiplateforme_windows package

• Le logiciel OpenSSL (multiplateforme) Téléchargement sur le site d’OpenSSL : Permet de manipuler et rendre les certificats compatibles avec les nomes du Nokia. La distribution Windows

Nokia Flash Reverse Electronic Engineering. Study of Nokia mobile phones software flashes

by 2 others
Welcome to NFREE, your Nokia Source Information where to find lattest info about Reverse Electronic Engineering, specially study Flashes files of Nokia phones.

with the help of this tool you can open an see all the files inside a sis.. sis tool

SignSIS_for S60 devices _Signing directly on the phone!__For mobile signing no Symbian Signed account is necessary

freeware _You can directly sign applications on your phone.There is a certificat and key file from OPDA (included in the packet) _not expire until 20 years. . But some people have got problems with this certificat :see at the bottom of the page.

How to sign unsigned applications for Symbian__Solution is to register a email address

For the registration at Symbian Signed, a special email address is required, because SS does not want anybody to register. That’s why most of the famous freemail addresses are locked. However, a solution is to register a email address.

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