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VIDEO SITES - List of video hosting services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Video hosting services refers to websites or software where users can distribute their video clips. Other sites such as file hosting services, image hosting services and social network services might support video sharing as an enhancement to their primary mission, but in general, they are not listed here.


Weezo - Partagez vos photos et vidéos

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Partagez vos photos et vidéos : un diaporama est automatiquement et immédiatement généré à partir du contenu des répertoires partagés Musique Faites écouter vos morceaux de musique, avec limitation possible de la qualité pour protéger l'oeuvre originale Blog Hébergez vous même vos sites Web ou votre blog Favoris Partagez vos favoris Internet Chat "Chattez" avec vos visiteurs Upload Autorisez vos proches à participer en vous envoyant leurs photos, vidéos, favoris Internet... WOWnewAllumez et éteignez votre PC à distance Fichiers Accédez à vos fichiers Photos vidéos Visualisez photos et vidéos mails Consultez vos mails streaming Ecoutez votre musique en streaming webcam Regardez votre webcam contrôle distant Prenez le contrôle complet de votre ordinateur


Scrapblog___online__réaliser des scrapbook avec des centaines de stickers, effets, texte, vidéos Youtube

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Un service en ligne pour uploader vos photos depuis différents sites de partage et réaliser des mashups avec des centaines de stickers, effets, texte, vidéos Youtube… afin de créer votre scrapbook digital.

WooFiles___Partage de fichiers de 1GO max, par URL

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WooFiles, un nouveau service ultra-simple de partage de fichiers par URL, sans inscription. La taille des fichiers est limitée à 1 Go

Fotowoos__Web2.___Transformer des photos en 3D

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Fotowoosh est une application (pour l'instant en phase Alpha) qui vous permet de transformer la vue 2D d'une photo en 3 dimension. A voir..

How to access a Mac's files on your PC

You've got both Macs and PC's on your home network, and you want to share files between them. Yesterday we ran down the steps for mounting a Windows shared folder on the Mac. Today the tides have turned.Read on for the details on how to read and write fil

PowerSnap___Desktop Flickr app,

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if you want a more-developed desktop Flickr app, check out PowerSnap (review). It is Flash-based, and its animation is not as smooth as Nostalgia's, but it handles Flickr's tags a bit more gracefully and works with photos on your hard drive as well.

AllPeers : using P2P technology to share files on a private network

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Install AllPeers and start using P2P technology to share files on a private network with other friends running the extension...


Welcome to Writely! online Bureautique.....

Put your words into Writely quickly and easily. Create new documents from scratch, upload them from most popular file formats (including Word), or e-mail them into Writely in batches. · Keep them online and edit them from anywhere. Organize your document

Flickr: Picasa 2.5.0 - I used Picasa!

Picasa 2.5.0 view profile barneykin Pro User [ FS FI INT ] says: A Humble Cot I sit beside a humble cot .. The Netherlands 4 August 2006 ~ Here I am experimenting with the new Picasa Web Albums. I upgraded my Picasa 2 to Picasa Web Albums 2.5 beta (here's : Google sort son service de partage de photos en ligne

Google sort son service de partage de photos en ligne Posté le 15 juin 2006 dans Web 2.0 (18 commentaires) Très étrange... suis-je le seul à avoir entendu parlé de Picasa Web, le service de partage de photos que Google s'apprête à lancer ? Google s

<img src="" border="0" height="16">&nbsp;genericface blog » Using Picasa to upload to Flickr using;<i><small>(</small></i>

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Picasa is by far my favorite photo management software. Flickr is the arguably the best online photo sharing site (Zooomr is a rising competitor). However, one must use the email feature in to upload pictures from Picasa to Flickr (see Jim Rutherford’s

Complete List of Web 2.0 Applications |_Virtual Karma: Rian's blog

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Complete List of Web 2.0 Applications Following is an alphabetically sorted list of popular Web 2.0 applications. The description for each of the application is taken from their own About or FAQ pages.

Torrents Search Engine

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Site terriblement efficace pour trouver des souces torrent...

Qnext > Home P2P Privé facile et communiquant

Our Universal Instant Messenger keeps you connected to all popular IM's, you can also Talk Online anywhere around the world for free, host a live Video Conference or Transfer Files of any size with complete security. But the closer you look, the better it

BlinkList | Your personal start page and social bookmarking engine

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bookmar en ligne , avec plusieurs possibilitées interressantes (watch list, partage de site ets...)

AllPeers :. Share exactly what you want with exactly who you want!

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AllPeers is a free extension which combines the strength of Firefox and the efficiency of BitTorrent to transform your favorite browser into a media sharing powerhouse. Regain control! You decide which media files you want to share with whom and to maximi


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