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BITTORRENT - LOG - OPEN SOURCE - Free Download Manager | Features

BitTorrent support. Download files using BitTorrent protocol. Enhanced audio/video files support. Preview audio/video files before download is completed and convert file format after download. Download acceleration. Free Download Manager splits files into several sections and downloads them simultaneously, allowing you to use any type of connection at the maximum available speed. With FDM download speed increases, or even more! Resuming broken downloads When the downloading process is interrupted, you needn't start from the beginning again. Free Download Manager can resume broken download from where it was interrupted saving your time, nerves and money.

UTORRENT - How to Disable Ads in uTorrent

To turn off ads and offers, open Options > Preferences > Advanced. Here you'll find a large list of flags for the app and a filter box. Search for and disable the following flags: offers.left_rail_offer_enabled/left_rail_offer gui.show_plus_upsell offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled/sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled bt.enable_pulse gui.show_notorrents_node offers.content_offer_autoexec Or you can use qBittorrent.


BOOK FREE - Search engine :Library Genesis

The Library Genesis search engine provides users with a collection of torrenting websites that offer digital literature (anything from textbooks to periodicals).


What are BitTorrent magnet links and how to create them? - Instant Fundas

Some torrent search engines provide users an alternative way of downloading torrent files – via Magnet links. A magnet link is a unique way of linking to a specific file. Instead of linking to a file by location or name, magnet links identifies a file by content, more precisely, by the content's hash value. This peculiarity of magnet links allows users to download torrent files directly from a seeder or leecher without the need of a tracker!



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Written in Java this Godzilla like client has been around for a while and is still many peoples favourite. In its favour is its support for plugins which offer a great deal of utility that utorrent can't offer. However most bittorrent users are unlikely t


Torrents Search Engine

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Site terriblement efficace pour trouver des souces torrent...

AllPeers :. Share exactly what you want with exactly who you want!

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AllPeers is a free extension which combines the strength of Firefox and the efficiency of BitTorrent to transform your favorite browser into a media sharing powerhouse. Regain control! You decide which media files you want to share with whom and to maximi

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