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DEV - Great Resources Every Beginning a Front-end Developer Should Bookmark by vydargis on CodePen

If you just get started your a front-end developer career, it might be overwhelming to learn something every day. To optimize your time, it might be useful to know solid resources, to keep up with a demanding programmers’ environment. In this brief article, you will find 6 useful resources that in my opinion I think every beginning a front-end developer career should bookmark.


FIR 57 - ADDON - Made a small video on how to hack an example WebExtension! - Add-ons / Development - Mozilla Discourse

f you have friends that want to start with building WebExtensions show them this link Most people start with “Hello World” web sites when they want to learn Front End stuff. This is boring. Building an WebExtension as the first web project is sooo totally awesome! :smiley: I choose to sign it as unlisted WebExtension since lots of people don’t know it’s possible and if you are a n00b and want to share your extension in 5 minutes regardless of how useless it is, an unlisted web extension is better than a listed one.

BITTORRENT - LOG - OPEN SOURCE - Free Download Manager | Features

BitTorrent support. Download files using BitTorrent protocol. Enhanced audio/video files support. Preview audio/video files before download is completed and convert file format after download. Download acceleration. Free Download Manager splits files into several sections and downloads them simultaneously, allowing you to use any type of connection at the maximum available speed. With FDM download speed increases, or even more! Resuming broken downloads When the downloading process is interrupted, you needn't start from the beginning again. Free Download Manager can resume broken download from where it was interrupted saving your time, nerves and money.

BITTORRENT - LOG - OPEN SOURCE - qBittorrent download |

An advanced and multi-platform BitTorrent client with a nice Qt user interface as well as a Web UI for remote control and an integrated search engine. qBittorrent aims to meet the needs of most users while using as little CPU and memory as possible.

UTORRENT - How to Disable Ads in uTorrent

To turn off ads and offers, open Options > Preferences > Advanced. Here you'll find a large list of flags for the app and a filter box. Search for and disable the following flags: offers.left_rail_offer_enabled/left_rail_offer gui.show_plus_upsell offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled/sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled bt.enable_pulse gui.show_notorrents_node offers.content_offer_autoexec Or you can use qBittorrent.


PODCAST - TUTO - RSS & Podcast - Korben

Sommaire: Lire des flux RSS et/ou des Podcasts, Créer son flux RSS et/ou des Podcasts pour soi, Créer son flux RSS et/ou des Podcasts pour son site web

PUBLICATION Science - Sci-Hub - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sci-Hub is an online search engine with over 51,000,000 scientific academic papers and articles available for direct download, bypassing publisher paywalls.


FIR ADDON - Bookmarks - BibSonomy :: buttons

Add three useful BibSonomy control buttons to your browser by installing this add-on: __ with one click to BibSonomy __ store a publication __ store a bookmark

2014 : Site d'hébergement gratuit et illimité

La première chose à faire est de créer un compte : une boîte mail valide est nécessaire car un e-mail sera envoyé pour validation du compte. L'inscription est gratuite. Ensuite pour trouver le fichier que vous voulez, il existe 2 solutions : Explorer les fichiers des autres utilisateurs Utiliser la fonction Recherche Pour explorer les autres utilisateurs, il suffit de rajouter le nom de l'utilisateur voulu après l'adresse du site ( ou d'utiliser la fonction Recherche. La fonction Recherche permet donc de trouver des utilisateurs mais aussi des fichiers en fonction de leur nom, leur type (Vidéo Images Documents Logiciels, Musiques, Archives), leur extension et leur poids.

BOOK FREE - Search engine :Library Genesis

The Library Genesis search engine provides users with a collection of torrenting websites that offer digital literature (anything from textbooks to periodicals).

VIDEO SITES - List of video hosting services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Video hosting services refers to websites or software where users can distribute their video clips. Other sites such as file hosting services, image hosting services and social network services might support video sharing as an enhancement to their primary mission, but in general, they are not listed here.


LOG - Jing (Screenshot Capture) - The Flickr Button (send Screenshots directly to your Flickr accoun)

Jing® is a computer service that lets you capture basic video, animation, and still images, and share them on the web. To upload images captured with Jing to Flickr you need to do two things. First, create a Flickr account. Next, create a Flickr button in Jing and then authorize Jing to use Flickr.


What are BitTorrent magnet links and how to create them? - Instant Fundas

Some torrent search engines provide users an alternative way of downloading torrent files – via Magnet links. A magnet link is a unique way of linking to a specific file. Instead of linking to a file by location or name, magnet links identifies a file by content, more precisely, by the content's hash value. This peculiarity of magnet links allows users to download torrent files directly from a seeder or leecher without the need of a tracker!

WEEZO - Guide utilisateur Officiel

1 Présentation générale. 2 1.1 Définitions. 2 1.2 Présentation de l’interface utilisateur. 2 1.3 Enregistrement au service 2 1.4 Configuration du routeur et du firewall. 3 1.5 Problèmes connus. 3 2 Page d’accueil. 3 3 Groupes. 4 4 Partages. 6 4.1 Gestionnaire de fichiers. 7 4.2 Partage de musique. 8 4.3 Album photos (classique, mosaïque, échiquier) 8 4.4 Partage de vidéos. 9 4.5 Webcam.. 10 4.6 Salon de discussion (tchat) 10 4.7 Sites web personnels. 11 4.8 SelfBlog. 11 4.9 Favoris. 12 4.10 Administration distante. 13 4.11 Extensions. 13 5 Envoi express. 14 6 Contacts. 15 7 Activité. 16


Featured Download: FilePhile Transfers Any Size File Between Any Two Systems

After registering at FilePhile's site with an email address and password, you grab and install a copy of the Java-based app, launch it, and add email addresses to your buddy list. Sending a file is a simple right-click on someone's name, but you can limit the bandwidth eaten up by FilePhile in its preferences. The transfers themselves are encrypted, and, as the site boasts, can be any size. That's about it, but that's probably all you need.


Créez un VPN sous XP (partie cliente)

Partie cliente, nous vous proposons, dans cette suite, de voir comment se connecter à cet ordinateur depuis un autre poste. Windows XP et Windows 2000.

Créez un VPN sous XP (partie serveur)__Windows XP vous permet de créer votre propre réseau privé virtuel (VPN).

Permettre de connecter plusieurs postes au travers de l'Internet comme s'ils étaient dans un même réseau loca, les postes se comportent alors comme s'ils étaient dans la même pièce, reliés au même hub. Mais la connexion VPN est cryptée. Partager

Scrapblog___online__réaliser des scrapbook avec des centaines de stickers, effets, texte, vidéos Youtube

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Un service en ligne pour uploader vos photos depuis différents sites de partage et réaliser des mashups avec des centaines de stickers, effets, texte, vidéos Youtube… afin de créer votre scrapbook digital.

e-artcasting_______artA non-profit research project, an information resource and a professional network to share experiences, exchange information and develop resources about Sociable Technologies in Art Museums

A non-profit research project, an information resource and a professional network to share experiences, exchange information and develop resources about Sociable Technologies in Art Museums from all over the world.

Flickr: Why Project Netpop?____We hope that you will share your world with us and with everyone else.

There is still much for us to learn about the people on the other side of your cafe, city, state, country or continent. How technology and the Internet are pulling all of us together - for personal, practical, political or playful reasons

InterExperiences - Apprendre les uns des autres.Service Gratuit de partage de slides et de vidéos sur toutes thématiques professionnelles.

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> Publier vos présentations PowerPoint telles quelles, avec notes , anim., etc.. > Intégrer la présentation dans votre blog,Etc... > Découvrir et consulter des présentations inédites > Evaluer, commenter, échanger et entrer en relation

Firefox Universal Uploader (fireuploader)_Version 0.3 — 27.06.2007__To upload/download files from any website using a friendly interface

To upload/download files from any website using a friendly interface. like files/photos/videos to Flickr, Picasa, Youtube, of free space) are Facebook in this version. Multiple files to the queue at a time and take care of uploading.

AllPeers Beta__Extention Firefox_Share your files privately and securely

Share your files privately and securely. No size limits. Chat with your friends. Version 0.60.2 — 30.11.1999

Bayimg - FFree uncensored image hosting

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You can upload about 140 different formats.+.RAR +.ZIP-archives! If you upload an archive with multiple images, you'll also get an album-address for all the pictures inside of it. Tags are separated by spaces, Max file upload size is 100MB.