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VIDEO - ONLINE TOOL - Custom Video Player

Custom Video Player (version 1.6): a better way to add video to your site. Enter your details below to generate your custom video embed code. For more information on each field, simply hover the mouse over the field icon.


FIREFOX - SETTINGS - Keyboard shortcuts - Perform common Firefox tasks quickly | Firefox Help

This is a list of keyboard shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox. . Note: Keyboard shortcuts can be customized using the Menu Wizard extension.

FIREFOX - about:congig - [Did You Know] Mozilla Firefox Hidden Secret Features - AskVG

About the hidden about:config command present in Firefox. This command is executed in Firefox addressbar and opens the secret Preferences Manager which allows you to change so many hidden settings in Firefox which are not available in Firefox Options window. about:config not only allows you enable/disable many options in Firefox , but also allows you to reveal many hidden secret features in Firefox which are not even documented by Mozilla developers.


BIB - FrontMotion Firefox Community Edition - Version personnalisée de Firefox - Possibilité Verrouillage Paramètres via Active Directory à l'aide des modèles d'administration.

Comparable à des paramètres de verrouillage avec mozilla.cfg sur un ordinateur, vous pouvez maintenant utiliser des modèles d'administration pour appliquer des paramètres de votre organisation. Utilisez Firefox sur vos ordinateurs d'entreprise de diminuer les incidents de virus et d'accroître la sécurité globale. Gagnez du temps et de frustration par rapport à notre installateur qui est ciblé vers les entreprises IT administrateur de gestion et de mise à niveau à l'esprit. Pour déployer des extensions Firefox, utiliser Firefox Packaging Service.

Upload with FTP - MorgueFile (Free Image Storage) - For an easy and efficient way to upload your images.

Here is a quick overview of ftp settings. If you are not sure what an ftp client is, search google specifically for an "ftp client". There are free options available and many to pick from. For PC you can try filezilla, for mac you can try cyberduck. Below are the setting you must use for ftp to connect to : * - Host: * - User name: [your user name] * - Password: [your password] * - Protocol: FTP * - Port: 21 * - Important you must enable Passive Mode.

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