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FIR >57 - DEV - Firebug + FirePath alternative ? - Is there a CSS/XPATH checker, now that firefinder is gone? | Forum d’assistance Firefox | Assistance de Mozilla

The Developer Edition is the replacement for Firebug, I know you can right click and copy the css or xpath, but thats not what I am asking. I am asking about the functionality that was provided by firefinder add on. Does FF offer that somewhere now that firebug was removed and added to the developer version.


DEV - CHROM - 2015 - Six Tips for Chrome DevTools | CSS-Tricks

This post will cover six popular tips for Chrome DevTools. You may have seen some of these before, but hopefully if you have they'll act as a refresher for what you can do during your Inspect Element journey.

jQUERY 6 video 6 HTLM 5 VIDEO AUTO PLAY JQUERY chez DuckDuckGo

Auto-play an HTML5 video on Dom Load using jQuery The jQuery selector $("#video") returns a jQuery object. Since play() is a function of the DOM element, you must get the DOM element with: $("#video").get(0); before using .play() method: $("#video").get(0).play();


CSS - USERSTYLES - Code for various Firefox elements? -

You can inspect the Firefox user interface directly with DOM Inspector. (Which is not the same Inspector as in the Web Developer menu.) [] the icon in the upper-left corner of DOMi, the one with a pointer on it, then click anywhere in the browser to select an element; that element will be highlighted in the left column. Right-click the highlighted entry to display a context menu: "Copy Selector" suggests selectors for the element, "Set Pseudo-classes..." lets you switch on :hover. Notice that the browser itself is a document with its own URI, chrome://browser/content/browser.xul, Most of the browser chrome is XUL, but some, such as the Stylish editor, is HTML embedded in XUL.

CSS - On :target | CSS-Tricks

The :target pseudo selector in CSS matches when the hash in the URL and the id of an element are the same.

CSS - CSS3 zone réservée aux onglets | CSS-Tricks

Pour un clic sur un onglet, masquer tous les panneaux, montrer celui qui correspond à l'onglet juste cliqué.

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