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Clock Screensaver (AJ Screensaver) : Une représentation du temps très parlante....

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Freeware clock screensaver. This screensaver is based on work of others. Several very interesting clock Macromedia shockwave flash files are packed in this screensaver. If you don't have time: Look here, here is enough: Download link is at the bottom of this page AJ Screensaver lets you select 14 ways to display the actual time, by example , The handwritten digital clock by Yugo Nakamura is very fine.... This screensaver can be uninstalled through the [Control Panel] [Software Add remove programs] It can be installed through XP-user accounts with limited access rights. It contains No Adware, No Spyware, No nags, No registration, just time.


BlueScreen Screen Saver (Windows)_________Download of the Day:

Windows only: Goofball screensaver BlueScreen mimics the dreaded Windows "blue screen of death" and reboot screens to fool passerby into thinking the PC is completely borked.

Loopy_______Flickr desktop screensaver application

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a desktop screensaver application that loops and shows flickr pictures at random.

Clockr - It's Flickr Time

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Clockr est une horloge dynamique qui affiche l'heure en puisant pour chaque chiffre (y compris les secondes !) dans des photos prises dans l'énorme base Flickr. Et comme les programmeurs font tout pour vous énerver un peu plus en vous éclaboussant de l

Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer_Axialis Software - Créateur d'économiseurs d'écrans professionnels

Créez des économiseurs d'écrans professionnels! Nouvelle Version 3.53 Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer est un puissant utilitaire permettant de créer et compiler des économiseurs d'écrans Windows® redistribuables en quelques minutes! Acha

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