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Filter image search results by category with Google Image Type Recognition

The script adds a drop-down box on the search results page that lets you choose your filter type. Just last week we noticed that Google enabled face recognition in their image search

Transfz, un super outil de recherche____Freewares & Tutos

Transfz (prononcez transfuse) est un outil de recherche (intégré au menu contextuel) qui permet à l'utilisateur de lancer des recherches en ligne sur l'ordinateur et sur le Web à partir de n'importe quel document ou application. Il peut exécuter 3 fo

Similr:__F lickr tool____Find your next favorite photo

Welcome to similr. Here are your favorite pictures. Choose one, and dumpr will look who else liked this photo and what other photo they liked. Your next favorite is just around the corner! Tutorial Lo


Zotero: A seriously useful research |

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you need Zotero, a Firefox extension that helps you manage research sources. With Zotero installed, Firefox is not confined to the Web, and you can use it as a standalone application for all sorts of online and offline research. Zotero requires Firefox ve

Flickr Photo Compass 0.5 - GeoTagging Flickr_____Flickr: GM script:

The Geo Radar released by .CK reminded me of an idea I had had a while ago and provided me with the tools to implement it quickly. This one is a simple version of the radar where you only see the 8 closest photos to the actual one in the directions: N, NE