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27 February 2011 19:45

SARDU - How to Combine Rescue Disks to Create the Ultimate Windows Repair Disk - How-To Geek

Why limit yourself to just one? Here’s how to combine your favorite repair disks together to create the ultimate repair toolkit for broken Windows systems—all on a single flash drive. If you need to clean up an infected system, we’d absolutely recommend the BitDefender CD, since it’s auto-updating. Best bet? Create your ultimate boot disk with as many of the different utilities as your flash drive can hold. To create the rescue disk, a USB flash drive with a decent amount of space—for our purposes, 2 GB is the minimum size, but you’d be better off with something a little bigger if you want to put a lot of repair disks on it, especially the larger ones. To create the custom drive, we’ll use a small piece of software called SARDU, which combines a bunch of functionality into a single package—you can use it to download the ISO images, write everything to the USB drive, or create an ISO image that you could burn to an optical disc—though obviously you’re space-limited in that case.

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