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October 2007

Ophcrack__Hack Any Computer With Windows Video__hack any computer with windows without erasing the password.It works with VISTA.

Ophcrack, or applications like LC5 use this hash to crack the password, since it's case insensitive. Seeing how this is disabled, if you run Vista and your password has 1 capital letter in it, this method won't work. You will have to buy the 8 GB DVD with

August 2007

NTLDR message d'erreur Appuyez sur Ctrl+Alt+Suppr pour redémarre___: L'ordinateur ne démarre pas une fois que vous avez modifié la Partition active en vous servant de l'outil Gestionnaire de disque

La partition Active ne contient pas les fichiers d'amorçage de Windows. Il ne peut y avoir qu'1 partition Système Active à la fois. Si on veut un autre système d'exploitation, on doit marquer en premier sa partition système comme active avt de redé

January 2007

Ophcrack Live CD____Windows account password cracking tool

The free, open source Ophcrack Live CD is a Windows account password cracking tool designed to help you recover lost Windows passwords.After you download the 462mb .iso and burn it to a CD, just restart your computer and boot up the Live CD. Once the CD b

June 2006

Récupération et restauration de données

suite de post autour du theme donnant liens et bons conseils de choix et d'utilisation de logiciels Fait entre 2004 et 2005

BootMaster Partition Recovery Simple Steps for MBR and Partition Table RecoverySimple Steps for Partition Table Recovery

ootMaster Partition Recovery Simple Steps for MBR and Partition Table Recovery Your little program did the trick on the FIRST try ! I am absolutely astonished... Bravo to you sir ! And the instructions on the website couldn't have been any easier to follo

TestDisk - A Powerful Hard Disk Data Recovery Utility at the Dogberry Patch

TestDisk queries the BIOS (DOS/Win9x) or the OS (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows) in order to find the Hard Disks and their characteristics ( LBA size and CHS geometry). TestDisk does a quick check of your disk's structure and compares it with your Partition Tabl

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