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BOOKMARKLET - McReadability

McReadability is a multi-column version of Arc90's Readability bookmarklet. The original Readability is now defunct, but you can still use this version. McReadability formats the text in constant-height columns. You scroll horizontally. Choose your settings and drag the McReadbility link below to your browser's toolbar.


40+ Greasemonkey Scripts For Gmail & Google |

Some Days Back we posted 21 Cool Twitter Greasemonkey Scripts and now today am going to post some of the Best Greasemonkey Scripts for Gmail and Google. There are thousands of scripts that you can install to customize just about anything you can think of. But in this list you can find some of the cool one which will really help you to Organize Gmail and Google.


Google Reader Preview Enhanced v1.07g –

Permet de visualiser pour chacun des liens des "Outils pour les webmasters", le PR, l'anchor text, etc...Adds a "Preview button" to Google Reader that allows you to view actual article in a frame. Clicking again on that button goes back to RSS view. Does work both in List view and expanded view. Here are some advantages of the script : - You can see and post comments right from Google Reader ! - You can read truncated rss feeds entirely. - You don't lose time opening a new window or tab in order to go on the website and see the article in its original context. Preview can be opened by clicking on article's title, preview button on typing Shift-V

HFSExplorer Reads Mac-Formatted Hard Drives

Reads and extracts files from drives formatted with the HFS+ f (Macs).Reading files from your Mac file system from Windows running in Boot Camp or grabbing music in Windows from a Mac-formatted iPod. HFSExplorer is free, Windows only, requires Java.


Windows File Analyzer 1.0.0__(WFA) programme portable décode et analyse certains fichiers produits par windows

Permet d'avoir accès à des informations imprimables ou exportables. Le module principal accueille des fenêtres filles indépendantes les unes des autres. Chaque module du programme a sa fonction, selon le type de décodage. Ces modules peuvent lire les

PDF-XChange Viewer___Fill out any PDF

Quick PDF reader that lets you perform all kinds of useful PDF editing tasks. - Typewriter editing mode, overlay text anywhere—for filling out forms ..- Thumbnail previews - nice tabbed interface, bookmarks - Sticky notes. Not replace Foxit Reader, but

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