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JQUERY - API - .prop() | jQuery API Documentation

.prop() Categories: Attributes | Manipulation > General Attributes Get the value of a property for the first element in the set of matched elements or set one or more properties for every matched element. Contents: .prop( propertyName ) .prop( propertyName ) .prop( propertyName, value ) .prop( propertyName, value ) .prop( properties ) .prop( propertyName, function )


JAVASCRIPT - TUTO - DEMEO - Web Developer Introduction To Features of JavaScript "Function" Objects

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There are several ways to declare a function. All valid, but there are differences on how they're handled in the background.


CSS - ONLINE TOOL - CSS Values | CSS Reference, Properties and Values, CSS3

Type a CSS property name into the box above. The page will automatically update as you type. Add a space after the full property name to avoid multiple results for certain keywords. The first value listed is the initial/default value for that property.

CSS – Understanding Percentage Background Position - Vjeux »

In this article, I'm going to guide you through a concrete problem I had to solve. Eventually, we'll see how to use percentage values in the background-position CSS property and how it solves a lot of tough issues.

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