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100 Meters of Existence, a print 30 inches high, and 100 METERS wide !- Did Simon Hogsberg

Did Simon Hogsberg Shoot the Widest Photo Ever Taken? The trouble with photographers like Simon Hoegsberg is that it’s difficult to choose only one of his projects to tell you about. To create We’re All Gonna Die – 100 meters of existence, he stood on a railroad bridge in Berlin for 20 days, photographing strangers. The result: a print 30 inches high, and 100 METERS wide. Gasp. He captured 178 people in all, each experiencing a beautifully simple moment of their lives, completely unaware. Thanks, Simon, for reminding us that sometimes you don’t need to go far for inspiration, you just need to wait. 100 Meters of Existence


The 50 States Project

The 50 States Project has brought together 50 photographers from across the USA. Each photographer lives in one of the 50 States and during the year long project each photographer will represent the State where they live. Every two months each photographer will be sent an assignment by e-mail, they then have two months to produce one image in response. The images must represent both their style and the State in which they live.

The Photographic Dictionary -

The Photographic Dictionary photographic dictionary </ br> 250px-ad-pmavegas ~ Have a cool photo product or site? Reach 260,000 photo fans </ br> Has inspiration walked out on you? Is your gray matter a bit too gray these days? Maybe you need a kick in the creative behindus. The Photographic Dictionary pairs photos with definitions of words, but this isn’t your bog standard A-is-for-Apple dictionary. Abstract ideas like ascent, vacuous and curiosity are our favorites, but even prosaic nouns like office and bridge make you think in a different way. Whether you’ve got writer’s block or photographer’s ennui or the systemic aesthetic doldrums, the Photographic Dictionary is good for what ails you. The Photographic Dictionary via Craft

Street & Studio : un autre alliage expo et web 2.0 à la Tate : Intégration Portrait venant de Flickr et Vente Edition par Impression Online

Après How we are (j'en parlais ici), la Tate Modern a présenté l'été dernier une exposition sur l'histoire de la photographie « de portraits » réalisés tant en studio que dans la rue...


Europeana___Ouvert Nov 2008___La Bibliothèque Numérique Européenne

Elle offre 2 millions de documents en ligne : images, textes, films, sons. Plus d'un millier d'institutions culturelles en Europe ont fourni du matériel permettant de rendre accessible plus de 2 millions de livres conservés par les bibliothèques nationales de l'Europe entière, mais aussi des cartes, enregistrements, photographies, documents d'archives, peintures et films.

2006, le site indisciplinaire des arts vivants

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