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LOG OPEN SOURCE - Video Editor (2013) - Shotcut < MLT Framework

Free, open source, cross-platform video editor. It supports many video formats. It does screen capture, webcam capture, audit capture in Linux. It supports frei0r video generator plugins, create, play, edit, save, load, encode, and stream MLT XML playlists, video filters: Blur, Color Grading, Crop, Glow, Mirror, Saturation, Sharpen and lot more.


LOG - GIF - QGifer : Créer des GIF animés à partir d'une vidéo « Korben Korben

QGifer, ça fonctionne sous Windows et Linux et ça permet d'importer une vidéo pour en extraire un morceau qui sera alors converti en GIF animé. QGifer permet d'éditer la palette de couleur, d'ajouter du texte ou des objets graphiques, de faire du crop (découpage), d'ajouter des filtres et bien sûr de mettre une boucle infinie sur votre image animée.


Tiny Watcher - Recherche Google

Surveille les zones sensibles du système de Windows et vous permet d'identifier chaque programmes nouvellement ajoutés


John’s Background Switcher « John’s Adventures

John’s Background Switcher (or JBS for short) periodically changes the background image on your computer (like every hour or every day) to something interesting. You can specify which pictures to choose from: * One or folder in your computer *


Disable Automatic Windows Restart with Auto Reboot Remover

Selectively enable or disable the automatic system restart that's applied after certain Windows Updates with freeware application Auto Reboot Remover.Quickest, easiest way to disable the auto reboot process. Auto Reboot Remover is freeware, Windows only.

Les Firewalls

Les Firewalls par Alban Jacquemin et Adrien Mercier

FlickrSync____photo synchronization application for flickr users.

It displays your local folders and your flickr sets and it can establish synchronization rules between them. This way you can manage all your photos locally and FlickrSync will keep them updated in flickr.Requires Windows XP SP2 or later and .Net 3.0

Completely remove programs with Revo Uninstaller

"Freeware application Revo Uninstaller makes removing programs from your computer--not just uninstalling, but removing all traces--a quick and painless process."

ShowMyPC___Control another computer with does remote desktop control with an open-source attitude. By wrapping VNC, SSH, and plink into two free stand-alone executables, controlling another computer

ClipCase___Advanced clipboard formatting

Windows only: Freeware application ClipCase formats the text in your clipboard in a number of very useful ways—from line break removal to different capitalization schemes—designed to help you clean up text before you paste it elsewhere.

Foxit Reader 2.0 (Windows)___The only PDF reader you'll ever need

Foxit loads up practically instantly, and never frozen . Offers an interactive form filler, support for add-ons, Javascript support, improved printing, and more. Foxit is likely the only PDF reader you'll ever need

Parallels v. 3.0 available__Runs Windows XP and Vista on your Mactel in a virtual machine

Runs Windows XP and Vista on your Mactel in a virtual machine - has just released version 3.0,

SendEmail_________Send email with this free command line email client

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SendEmail is a lightweight, command line SMTP email client. If you have the need to send email from a command line, this free program is perfect: simple to use and feature rich. It was designed to be used in bash scripts, batch files, Perl programs and we

Altiris SVS__Install and run programs virtually

Altiris (SVS) allows you to install and run programs virtually so that they do not reside on your system but in a virtual ’layer’ which you can switch on or off at will. It enables you to test an application and completely ’turn it off’ if you cho

Sandboxie_________Safely test new software with

only: Freeware application Sandboxie provides a safe "sandbox" for you to test out new software without making any permanent changes to your system.Sandboxie is a lot like previously mentioned Altiris SVS, but since I've started using Sandboxie I've beco

Free Computer System Recovery Tools___LH Top 10:

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Plenty of free tools can help you and are available for download right now. Today we've got our top 10 system recovery picks which span operating systems but all cost the same: exactly nothing.

Screen Marker (Windows)___Utilitaire Marqueur Aide Mémoire Download of the Day:

Windows only: Screen Marker is a simple, tiny utility that lets you freehand draw on the current screen. Say, for instance, you're remote-controlling Mom's PC or doing a presentation and you want to circle an area of the screen - Screen Marker's for you

Ditto (Windows)__Free Presse Papier synchronisable___Download of the Day:

Windows only: Open source application Ditto is a clipboard manager that lets you save, manage, and retrieve all of the countless clipboard grabs you make in the course of your day.Ditto lets you bring up it's Quick Paste tool with a handy Ctrl-` shortcut

Best software - The.forest

Best software From The.forest Jump to: navigation, search This aims to be a non-authoritative list of what I consider the most useful software to have installed on your computer if you are running Microsoft Windows. I use or have used all the programs men


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FB2K is the music geeks tool of choice. If you like ultra-configurable then this is your Mecca. On the other hand don't approach this player if you want something easy to set up. FB2K is critically acclaimed for it's extensibility (there is an active foru

LH Top 10: Free Windows Downloads - Lifehacker

Read on for 10 great free Windows downloads sure to make your PC experience that much better.

Portal : Free software _______ Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Welcome to the portal to Wikipedia's content on software which can be freely run, studied, examined, modified, and redistributed by everyone who has a copy. This software, dubbed "free software" in 1983, has also come to be known as "open-source software"

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