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June 2007

Flickr Combat, you see, you like, you vote

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There are so many great photos added every day on Flickr...... So what is FlickrCombat all about? Two pictures in each combat, seven categories to choose from (babes, cars, cats, dogs, views, guys and art), and a top 21 that says it all.

January 2007

August 2006

St's Flickr Warhol____Flickr: Latest version of my new toy... - Flickr API

Latest version of my new toy... view profile Codejoy Pro User [ FS FI INT ] says: This is just one of many toys that I will be creating for the flickr community, as my own going attempt and project to learn Ruby On Rails. :

July 2006

Clockr - It's Flickr Time

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Clockr est une horloge dynamique qui affiche l'heure en puisant pour chaque chiffre (y compris les secondes !) dans des photos prises dans l'énorme base Flickr. Et comme les programmeurs font tout pour vous énerver un peu plus en vous éclaboussant de l

June 2006

Flickr: *The making of a mosaic - Lyrical Time Wastr (please read the rules)

I usually help with this but for you do-it-yourselfers: 1. Go to fd's Flickr Toys mosaic maker <a class="linkification-ext" href="" title="Linkification:"

May 2006

Flickr Goodies: Note Generatr BETA

Notes Generatr BETA Designed for use on song mosaics created with fd's Flickr Toys mosaic maker. This program will generate notes sized to each tile in your moasic automatically without having to create and drag into position. Clicking 'Go' will generate

February 2006

Flickeur_ fait une video à partir de photos de chez flickr

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“retrieves random images from and creates a stream-of-consciousness type of video clip”.

Flickr Logo Maker

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# Flickr Logo Maker - enter text and it generates a flickr style logo image

January 2006


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FlickrTagFight - tool to fight flickr tags and compare the results.

December 2005 Flickr Toys

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d's Flickr Toys Helping you do fun things with your digital camera since 2005. ;-)

October 2005

Slideshow Katrina on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A slideshow about hurricane Katrina featuring photos from Flickr members.

Photo Fortune

The photographs and fortunes are only related to each other by virtue of being on this page together. The views expressed are not those of the operator of this website or the photographers who's works are shown. So how does it work? A fortune or quote is


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Create a slideshow from images anywhere on the internet. Create a show of your last vacation or screenshots of that game you're playing or of that time your best friend did that thing at that party. Then share it with your friends. Works with your photos

Magazine: Create a customized magazine from your digital photographs

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Make your own magazine cover! Be a superstar! Prove to your friends how famous you really are! All you need is a photo from that fancy digital camera of yours. Works with your photos hosted on Flickr or anywhere else. Discussion and comments about this a

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