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LOG OPEN SOURCE - LinOde - Find best open source projects across all platforms

Collection de plus de 1 million de produits open source , allant de produits Enterprise à de petites bibliothèques dans toutes les plates-formes . Nous rassemblons des informations de tous les dépôts open source . Chercher et trouver le meilleur pour vos besoins .


Convivea - Home of Bit Che - Torrent Search

after i discovered bit che, i never looked back: Bit Che is a simple tool that quickly searches popular bit torrent sites for files. * Super quick searching * Able to preview torrent details * Opens torrents in your favorite downloader



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Searches the Flickr archive (as well as that of YouTube and some other sites) based on the type of license; great tool for finding images you can actually use in a project

FlickrCash______Moteur de recherche pour Flickr

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FlickrCash est un moteur de recherche spécifique à Flickr (célèbre application d'hébergement et de partage de photos). Il permet des recherches avec un mot clé, un nom d'utilisateur, un groupe et même la date de publication. Le résultat est prése

Webware: Cool Web apps for everyone

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Say No to boxed software! The future of applications is online delivery and access. Software is passé. Webware is the new way to get things done.

h4ppier photos - flickr photos set and TAG organiser with date filter

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To use h4ppier photos, enter a date range and/or tag filter then click 'search all photos'. You can also click 'show photos not in sets' or 'show photos without tags' to see those pics - note: the 'not in sets' and 'without tags' buttons both ignore the t


Similr: Find your next favorite photo

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Welcome to similr. Here are your favorite pictures. Choose one, and dumpr will look who else liked this photo and what other photo they liked. Your next favorite is just around the corner!

Delicer_______X2line Delicer - client tool.s a desktop application for managing and navigating your tags and bookmarks

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s a desktop application for managing and navigating your tags and bookmarks____Delicer will help manage your internet favorites (aka tags) effectively, quickly navigate through internet bookmarks, view Tag associated videos on YouTube, view Ta

Zotero: A seriously useful research |

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you need Zotero, a Firefox extension that helps you manage research sources. With Zotero installed, Firefox is not confined to the Web, and you can use it as a standalone application for all sorts of online and offline research. Zotero requires Firefox ve

Process Scanner__Analyse les processus et DLLs qui tournent sur votre système.

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Pour retrouver un processus: Vous ne savez pas à quoi correspond un processus que vous retrouvez dans le gestionnaire de tâches? Tapez le .exe qui vous tracasse et vous aurez tout de suite l'explication. Librairie très complète. En anglais. Uniblue

EvilLyrics - Chercher les paroles d'une chanson dans Winamp_FREE

Automatically search for lyrics of the song currently playing in Winamp, and display them in a tiny window. You can also store lyrics for offline viewing. This version supports Windows Media Player, Foobar2000, Sonique, iTunes, Winamp, and RealPlayer.

Complete List of Web 2.0 Applications |_Virtual Karma: Rian's blog

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Complete List of Web 2.0 Applications Following is an alphabetically sorted list of popular Web 2.0 applications. The description for each of the application is taken from their own About or FAQ pages.

Flickr Leech _________application pour Flickr

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Flickr Leech that allows you to browse all 500 photos in Interestingness at a time for any given day. You can also browse all photos in your stream, or any user's stream, etc. Check it out. I found a photo of mine that I just add

Gmail File Space____ extention firefox

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utiliser votre espace Gmail (2Go) pour stocker vos fichiers. his extension allows you to use your Gmail Space (2 GB) for file storage. It acts as a remote machine. You can transfer files between your hard drive and gmail. This is similar to "Gmail Drive"


Riya - Photo Search /reconnaissance visages

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Use Riya to search your photos, your friends' photos, and the photos on the web » Après FlickR : reconnaissance visages et Tag automatique...

Le succès de FlickR, le service de partage de photos en ligne, et de ses tags, qui permettent aux auteurs des images de leur associer des balises pour décrire ou expliquer leur contenu, n’est plus à démontrer. Pourtant, certains trouvent fastidieux

Random Photo Browser_Flickr

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I created an alternative to Explore last night called Random. Not necessarily any better than Explore, quality-wise, but no worse, and it doesn't show nearly as many repeats. It works by picking a random Flickr user and then showing you some of their rece

Flickr Groups Browser

Flickr Group Browser: explore the relationships between Flickr groups

EmoRate for Flickr

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EmoRate is an emotion based Flickr photo review & classification site with advanced search features, adaptive personalization of favorite reviewer lists and photos, and more.

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