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BIB - Zotero et Piggy Bank - YouVox Tech - Magazine participatif sur la convergence Internet, médias, télécom | Où vont les moteurs de recherche ?

on voit apparaître des outils infiniment plus intéressantes qui associent à la prise de notes, le stockage des pages que l’on visite sur le net (un peu à la manière de Digg, Kaboodle, Livelocker ou de cette extension très originale sur Firefox : Piggy bank…) et des outils de traitement de l’information spécifiques. J’en citerai trois : Sohonotes, qui réside sur l’ordinateur, et deux extensions de Firefox : Googlenotebook et, surtout, Zotero.


HP Smart Web Printing - Choisir et organiser ce que l'on veut imprimer....

When I do need to print, HP's addon gives me the option to combine multiple web pages on one sheet of paper, eliminate elements I don't need to print, and it even allows saving to PDF. Always nice to see the big boys release something great for free.


Book Text Mark ____Allows bookmarking text within a long HTML page.: Modules pour Firefox

Use context menu or Bookmarks menu to set mark lines within long pages. Navigate to marked pages and to the marked lines

Perfect Your Picasa to Flickr Workflow

They don't talk to one another. If at home after a vacation inf Thailand, I had a hard drive loaded with photos and I wanted a way to organize, caption, and publish them all at once without duplicating work. Here's how I did it with Picasa and Flickr.

Taboo___If you keep tons of tabs open because you want to continue reading them later, Taboo is for you.

Taboo lets you save a page for later (taking a screenshot, and using the Session Saver code to remember scroll location and form fields)

CoLT (Copy Link Text)__ajoute au menu contextuel les éléments 'Copier le texte du lien' et 'Copier le texte et l'adresse du lien'.

makes it easier than ever to copy a hyperlink’s associated text. For example, if I were to use this extension to copy this link to my blog, the copied text would quite literally be this link to my blog. CoLT also includes a means of copying both a link’s text and URL at the same time. This feature is particularly handy for bloggers, web developers, or anyone else who finds themselves writing links to other places on the web. The latest release allows users to create an unlimited number of custom formats for copying both the link text and location. All of the default formats are shown below:


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imacro = Shared Web Browser macro_____iMacros = Name of the software imacro = single script/macro that runs inside the web browser via the iMacros add-on