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FACE RECOGNITION - DATA SET - The FaceScrub datase - vintage - resources

A Dataset With Over 100,000 Face Images of 530 People. Large face datasets are important for advancing face recognition research, but they are tedious to build, because a lot of work has to go into cleaning the huge amount of raw data. To facilitate this task, we developed an approach to building face datasets that detects faces in images returned from searches for public figures on the Internet, followed by automatically discarding those not belonging to each queried person. The FaceScrub dataset was created using this approach, followed by manually checking and cleaning the results. It comprises a total of 106,863 face images* of male and female 530 celebrities, with about 200 images per person. As such, it is one of the largest public face databases. The images were retrieved from the Internet and are taken under real-world situations (uncontrolled conditions). Name and gender annotations of the faces are included.


DESSIN ONLINE - pour créer votre portrait ou avatar en quelques minutes

ce site est très ludique, il permet de se créer rapidement un portrait ressemblant ou pas et c’est en noir et blanc.


Clics express : concours - Young-Me Now-Me

Un petit concours - comme seul le Net sait en générer : Young-Me Now-Me consiste à prendre une vieille photo de vous, et de prendre exactement la même… aujourd’hui ! La galerie vaut vraiment le détour. - Photoshop pour les nuls

Refaites-vous le portrait ! Sur, vous pouvez appliquer un tas de filtres délirants sur votre visage, vous vieillir, vous rajeunir, ajouter des boutons… Bref, un “Photoshop pour les nuls” qui promet de bonnes blagues entre amis.


VideoSurf Finds People Inside Web Videos

Search site and aggregator VideoSurf isn't perfect at what it tries to do, but it can be occasionally, surprisingly good at spotting particular faces inside videos. The indexing engine (currently in beta, of course) sorts through videos from most of the popular Flash-based sites and lets you search to find only videos with, say, Jerry Seinfeld's actual image in them. A few of my searches turned up false positives, but others yielding surprising accuracy, and VideoSurf's interface lets you skip right to the sections featuring your searched man or woman. VideoSurf is a free to use, though you can sign up to save your searches.


Google Portrait__Recherche Online__Un logiciel qui détecte les visages dans les images numériques

Ils ont mis au point un logiciel détectant la présence de visages dans une image au format numérique. Applications possibles dans les domaines de la biométrie, de la vidéo-conférence ou des systèmes de surveillance.Pas affilé à Google

Une belle expérience que cette "interface" créé par l'agence Mono, qui vous permet de créez jusqu'à 759375 visages différents.

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Une belle expérience que cette "interface" créé par l'agence Mono, qui vous permet de créez jusqu'à 759375 visages différents. Il suffit de cliquer sur la partie du visage que vous souhaitez modifié. Comment trouvez vous celui-ci ? :

Face Transformer____What Might You Look Like if You Were Black? or White? or Old?

Their Face Transformer gives you a glimpse of how you might look a couple decades from now, or with another ethnic background. Or drunk.).Upload your mugshot and let the Face Transformer do the rest.

Filter image search results by category with Google Image Type Recognition

The script adds a drop-down box on the search results page that lets you choose your filter type. Just last week we noticed that Google enabled face recognition in their image search


Hair on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Auntnanny, because she is evil, pointed me to this Clairol thingie where you can try different hairstyles and colors on your face. Heinous and fascinating. She even took a photo of me, in which I don't look terribly drunk or psychotic, and for that I am g

Great portrait idea, isn't it? YOU MUST SEE THIS!___Diego Goldberg :: The Arrow of Time

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une fresque temporelle des visages de la famille qui augmente et viellie....