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MOZILLA - LABS - IMAGES - Share your favorite images and videos in VR with Mozilla Hubs – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

Last April we released Mozilla Hubs, a VR chat system that lets you walk and talk in VR with your friends, no matter where in the world they are. Now we have a game changing new feature: you can share virtually any kind of media with everyone in your Hubs room by just pasting in a URL. Anything you share becomes a virtual object that everyone can interact with. From images to videos to 3D models, Hubs is the best way to collaborate across devices (laptops, phones, headsets) and OSes. Let’s look at a few details.


Free SVG Icons - Iconmonstr - Free simple icons for your next project

You should have a look at has a growing collection of SVG icons which you can download and use for free


data: URI Generator - Convert Online Tool for Icon, image to import it in greasemonkey Script -

data: URI Generator The data: URI scheme allows you to build URLs that embed small data objects. data: URIs are supported by most modern browsers except for Internet Explorer. The lack of IE support is holding back widespread adoption of data: URIs, but they are still very useful in a couple of specific areas such as embedding graphics and other data items in Greasemonkey scripts. You can read more about data: URIs and see some examples of their use, or use the generator below to create your own. data: URIs are defined in RFC 2397.

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