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March 2007


This is a special section for anyone wanting to stitch together panoramic photographs using software. Firstly I would recommend you check out the extremely informative website. Then check out these two programs I prefer to use. * Hugin - Th

January 2006

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Free Photoshop Brushes Resources digg this story I have compiled a list of free Photoshop brushes resources. The sites listed here all offer free Photoshop brushes, however it is wise to check the TOS of each site because some of them may not allow the us

November 2005 ::

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Un endroit pour garder des matériaux de production pour l'usage de la référence, un dossier inactif du travail. Ce dossier de morgue contient la photographie courante numérique de haute résolution libre pour l'usage de corporation ou public. A pla