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Flickr Gallery Plus! for Greasemonkey

Flickr Gallery Plus! is a Greasemonkey userscript for Flickr photo set pages which offers you the ability to: * View one large picture with the other thumbnails in the set next to it. * Click-selection of whichever picture you want to see larger. * Keyboard navigation with left and right arrow keys to go back and forth amongst pictures. * View a slideshow of all pictures in the set. It is tested and verified to work with Firefox, Safari (through GreaseKit), Google Chrome (through HOW TO: Install Google Chrome Greasemonkey Scripts (Windows Only)) and Opera (through Opera Tutorial: User JavaScript).


Bibliothèque de scripts Photoshop

Retrouvez ici les scripts d'automatisation publiés par les autres membres. Ces scripts sont mis à disposition gratuitement, et sont triés dans des catégories correspondant aux différents types d'actions.

Flickr Services: Flickr API: a list of photos matching some criteria.

Only photos visible to the calling user will be returned. To return private or semi-private photos, the caller must be authenticated with 'read' permissions, and have permission to view the photos. Unauthenticated calls will only return public photos.


FlickrDB___a good news for all the free Flickr account holders__Crazy Little World Of Mine

What is “FlickrDB”? FlickrDB is a good news for all the free Flickr account holders. If you are annoyed with your old photos disappearing from the Flickr Photostream then FlickrDB is just for you. Sounds interesting, tell me more.. All free Flickr acc

<img src="" border="0" height="16">&nbsp;genericface blog » Using Picasa to upload to Flickr using;<i><small>(</small></i>

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Picasa is by far my favorite photo management software. Flickr is the arguably the best online photo sharing site (Zooomr is a rising competitor). However, one must use the email feature in to upload pictures from Picasa to Flickr (see Jim Rutherford’s


Flickr GM : _1.5_Once More... » Post from June 2005

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Belle collection de script pour Flickr... adds the number of comments and notes to each photo listed in any list of thumbnails on Flickr (i.e. group pools, photos from your contacts, favorites, etc.).