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May 2006


One night in the summer of 1996, a young photography student named Shaun Irving and his room mate Karlo were discussing the possibility of turning their dorm room into a giant pinhole camera. The dorm room camera never materialised, but the seeds of th

April 2006

Photon Detector: (pinhole)____Photography by Nicolai Grossman

Recent Updates It’s official: Hasselblad XPan panoramic rangefinder discontinued 5th annual Argus collector’s group gathering, VA, US f295 WWPD simultaneous pinhole photography project Issue 28 of mooncruise* is up Projekt30’s June online juried exh

Vieux et bizzards appareils photos_Junk Store Cameras!

les appareils , renseignements et photos prises par ceux-ci actuellement, tres chouette site

February 2006

construire un stenope

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Un site de référence sur les sténopés, pour aller encore plus loin... Sténopé : du Grec « stenos » : étroit, serré, et « ôps » : œil. Equivalent Anglais, pinhole : trou d’épingle. Un sténopé permet de reproduire une image après

PinholeDesigner []

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Un calculateur de temps de pose, d'angle de champ, de taille optimale du sténopé... INCONTOURNABLE pour aller plus loin... (en anglais, mais utilisable)

Pinhole Camera Design Calculator

Toutes sortes d'application en ligne pour calculer les dimensions , temps de pose etc d'un Pinhole! tres fort!

The "Ultimate" (The Pinhole lens)_traiN'ternet - Model Photography

Number One problem with model photography is the depth of field which is emphasized by the very conditions under which these subjects are shot. As we saw earlier, depth of field increases when aperture is reduced (f-stop is increased). For a given lens,

"The Camera Obscura: Its Uses, Action, and Construction"

Plan et instruction en anglais. *New December, 2004 The long promised Adobe Acrobat PDF file of the 1885 article "The Camera Obscura: Its Uses, Action, and Construction" from Amateur Work discussed below can now be downloaded using the link above. This a

Drawing Cameras with the lens at the top

Drawing Camera Obscuras with Lens at the top Most drawing camera obscuras project the image from a lens at the front onto a mirror which reflects it up onto the drawing surface. There are however box and tent insterments with the lens and mirror or a pris

My Pinhole Cameras []

MY PINHOLE CAMERAS Photographs are, at the very least, to the same measure the product of cameras as they are the product of photographers, even if the process involves two different levels of execution. Thus it would be advisable to criticise the photo-c

Dirkon - The Paper Camera []

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DIRKON – THE PAPER CAMERA During the 1970s, magazines published in Communist Czechoslovakia were controlled by the state, like the majority of other enterprises. Very few good magazines were available and were difficult to get hold of, so people would b