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Flickr Gallery Plus! for Greasemonkey

Flickr Gallery Plus! is a Greasemonkey userscript for Flickr photo set pages which offers you the ability to: * View one large picture with the other thumbnails in the set next to it. * Click-selection of whichever picture you want to see larger. * Keyboard navigation with left and right arrow keys to go back and forth amongst pictures. * View a slideshow of all pictures in the set. It is tested and verified to work with Firefox, Safari (through GreaseKit), Google Chrome (through HOW TO: Install Google Chrome Greasemonkey Scripts (Windows Only)) and Opera (through Opera Tutorial: User JavaScript).


Flickr Contacts Organiser -____Flickr: GM Script: Tag your contacts - Flickr Hacks

wrote a new Greasemonkey script called Flickr Contacts Organiser. It lets you organise your flickr contacts by tagging them. You can actually tag any flickr user they dont need to be your contacts in order for you to tag them. I realise CK has already wri


google_Random Thoughts_gallery d'images ds google

Super...Adds a large gallery made from the search result of all ten currently available searchresult pages. That's over 200 images

Flickr GM : _1.5_Once More... ยป Post from June 2005

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Belle collection de script pour Flickr... adds the number of comments and notes to each photo listed in any list of thumbnails on Flickr (i.e. group pools, photos from your contacts, favorites, etc.).

Flickr PM_Steeev's Flickr Projects

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Flickr PM :links to a users Email, Favourites, and Profile Email List Checker: