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LOG - IMAGE - Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing

Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for PCs that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. An active and growing online community provides friendly help, tutorials, and plugins.


LOG - Greenshot - a free and open source screenshot tool for productivity

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at is Greenshot? : Greenshot is a light-weight screenshot software tool for Windows with the following key features: - Quickly create screenshots of a selected region, window or fullscreen; you can even capture complete (scrolling) web pages from Internet Explorer. Easily annotate, highlight or obfuscate parts of the screenshot. Export the screenshot in various ways: save to file, send to printer, copy to clipboard, attach to e-mail, send Office programs or upload to photo sites like Flickr or Picasa, and others.



Backup Your Full Flickr Account – 13 Free Apps for Win,MAC,Lin

Backup Your Full Flickr Account – 13 Free Apps for Win,MAC,Lin by Hiroshi on 19-08-2009 Flickr is the most popular, free and professional photo management, hosting and sharing application service. Many of us upload their favorite photos collection directly from our hard drives. So most of us have got backups locally in our PC already. But if hard disk crashes or you upload photos at flickr using mobile phone then you may not have backups of your data. In this case following utilities and methods are very useful.

Block Posters - Free Online Service - Create large wall posters from any image for free!

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Upload an image from your computer and choose how many sheets wide you would like your poster to be once printedOnce you're happy with your selection, you can download the PDF file containing your newly created images and print each one massively blown up, resulting in a huge pixel poster to stick on your wall

Upload with FTP - MorgueFile (Free Image Storage) - For an easy and efficient way to upload your images.

Here is a quick overview of ftp settings. If you are not sure what an ftp client is, search google specifically for an "ftp client". There are free options available and many to pick from. For PC you can try filezilla, for mac you can try cyberduck. Below are the setting you must use for ftp to connect to : * - Host: * - User name: [your user name] * - Password: [your password] * - Protocol: FTP * - Port: 21 * - Important you must enable Passive Mode.

Top 10 des sites proposant des photos gratuites et libres de droit - Korben

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Besoin de photos libres de droit ? Pas de soucis, voici le Top 10 des sites proposant des photos gratuites et libres de droits.


Alamy____moteur de recherche d’images

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Alamy est un moteur de recherche d’images qui agrège les créations de milliers de photographes, agences et collections nationales. le site offre également l’édition et la classification des images..


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a search engine which claims to be indexing over a quarter million Creative Commons, Public Domain, GNU FDL, and various other ‘copyleft’ images.


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Searches the Flickr archive (as well as that of YouTube and some other sites) based on the type of license; great tool for finding images you can actually use in a project

Picnik is The World’s Best Online Photo Editor. We Mean it.

95% of the stuff you’d do in Photoshop, is in Picnik more easily. Grab photos straight from your Flickr (and replace them with edited versions),,etc...Picnik is fast, filled with friendly features.

Bayimg - FFree uncensored image hosting

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You can upload about 140 different formats.+.RAR +.ZIP-archives! If you upload an archive with multiple images, you'll also get an album-address for all the pictures inside of it. Tags are separated by spaces, Max file upload size is 100MB. _____Light box

Your light box is where you can store pictures so you can easily find them again without having to search the archive. You can also share and email a light box with others. This is your favorites folder for the morguefile archive.

Morguefile ____ Where photo reference lives.provides completely free photos; no registration required to download.

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The purpose of this site is to provide free image reference material for use in all creative pursuits. This is the world wide web's morguefile.

Free Stock Photo Resources --

We've rounded up all the great places on the web that offer free photos to use in your design projects.

PowerSnap___Desktop Flickr app,

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if you want a more-developed desktop Flickr app, check out PowerSnap (review). It is Flash-based, and its animation is not as smooth as Nostalgia's, but it handles Flickr's tags a bit more gracefully and works with photos on your hard drive as well.


FlickrDB___a good news for all the free Flickr account holders__Crazy Little World Of Mine

What is “FlickrDB”? FlickrDB is a good news for all the free Flickr account holders. If you are annoyed with your old photos disappearing from the Flickr Photostream then FlickrDB is just for you. Sounds interesting, tell me more.. All free Flickr acc

Snipshot / Flickr : Edit pictures online

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Snipshot features: * Edit big images—up to 10 MB, or 5000x5000 pixels * Import PDF (first page only), EPS, and SVG files * Import pictures from any web site (including Flickr) with our bookmarklet * Flickr export, or save as GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, or TIF *

PinholeDesigner []

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Un calculateur de temps de pose, d'angle de champ, de taille optimale du sténopé... INCONTOURNABLE pour aller plus loin... (en anglais, mais utilisable)

Colorize Black and White Photos - Recolored___logiciel free

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Colorize Black and White photos Recolored is a software application that helps you with the otherwise difficult and time consuming task of colorizing black and white photos. Based on the latest developments in computer assisted image colorization, Recolor

2005 ::

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Un endroit pour garder des matériaux de production pour l'usage de la référence, un dossier inactif du travail. Ce dossier de morgue contient la photographie courante numérique de haute résolution libre pour l'usage de corporation ou public. A pla

Accueil - Wikimedia Commons

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Ce projet est destiné à constituer un conservatoire central de contenus libres, comprenant des images, de la musique, des textes écrits et parlés, pour être utilisés dans tous les projets Wikimedia. : Sell Online : Introduction

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monter sa boutique image en ligne sur differents supports, mode free et gestion et envoie par Café press