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November 2007

June 2007

Turn your webcam into a photo booth with Cameroid

Web site Cameroid lets you play photo booth with any webcam online .The web site is basically a web version of Mac's PhotoBooth program, offering you different effects for your pics, from colorful filters and scenes to the popular morph settings.

December 2006

DIY ____Water-Bottle Tripod

how to turn nearly any plastic bottle into a tripod (make that monopod) for your camera.

November 2006

Scan and Fax Using your Cameraphone or Digital Camera, Free!

here’s a way to take pictures with your cameraphone (of documents and whiteboards) and have them turned into PDFs and emailed to you, or even faxed, straight from your phone. To top it off, the PDFs are even searchable! It gets better: soon you’ll be

May 2006


One night in the summer of 1996, a young photography student named Shaun Irving and his room mate Karlo were discussing the possibility of turning their dorm room into a giant pinhole camera. The dorm room camera never materialised, but the seeds of th

April 2006

Vieux et bizzards appareils photos_Junk Store Cameras!

les appareils , renseignements et photos prises par ceux-ci actuellement, tres chouette site

February 2006

My Pinhole Cameras []

MY PINHOLE CAMERAS Photographs are, at the very least, to the same measure the product of cameras as they are the product of photographers, even if the process involves two different levels of execution. Thus it would be advisable to criticise the photo-c

Dirkon - The Paper Camera []

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DIRKON – THE PAPER CAMERA During the 1970s, magazines published in Communist Czechoslovakia were controlled by the state, like the majority of other enterprises. Very few good magazines were available and were difficult to get hold of, so people would b